All about Colon Detox

Because you can’t see what is going on inside you, it is vital to detoxify the major organs every so often to keep the body healthy. A key regimen to detoxify the major organs is colon detox, since a weak colon is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, toxins, and parasites.

Function of the Colon

The colon is where all of our bodily wastes are stored, ready to be eliminated. Feces contain toxins, bad bacteria, and parasites that can lead to constipation and other diseases if not voided on a regular basis, usually twice daily.

In addition to collecting bodily wastes and undigested food for elimination, the colon also performs the function of lubricating the feces using water and mineral salts to make elimination easier. This lubrication enables easy elimination of the feces.

A reduction in colon function generally stems from unhealthy eating, for example overeating. With the accumulation and hardening of the fecal waste on colon walls, it becomes very difficult to throw them out unless a colon detox or cleansing program is followed immediately. The toxins in the colon spread throughout the body via water in the colon, and can result in many different health problems.

Origin of Toxins

Though most of the toxins enter our physical body via various sources like diet, pesticides, chemicals, and a polluted environment, the other source is inside the body itself. These toxins are partially made up of oxidized fats, cholesterol, and carcinogenic free radicals.

There are a variety of physical stressors that can increase our body’s toxicity. Stress is a major factor in the level of toxins in our bodies today. Indigestion, respiratory tract dysfunctions, skin conditions, and dysfunctions of the liver, kidneys, or colon can all raise the toxin level within our bodies.

What does colon detox consist of ?

Colon detox (or detoxification) is simply cleaning our intestines every so often to rid the body of a buildup of toxins. Experts actually recommend that you first detox the colon before embarking on a full body detox program.

There are a few different colon detox products available. Many different colon detox products are available on the market.
How does Colon Detox do its work ?

Natural methods can be used for colon detoxification, like fasting, consuming lots of water and fruit juices, avoiding toxin-rich foods like processed foods, excess sugar, coffee, alcohol, and drugs.

Whichever way you are going about the detox, using a colon detox product or a few products, or using a natural program, it is vital to inform your family doctor before you start. Even though colon detox can provide a great relief, the proper course of action should be decided by the experts.