Bowel Cleanse – It Can Easily Be Done at Home Without the Help of a Doctor

If you have some time to spare and want a thorough bowel cleanse without too much effort, put together a Bowel Cleanse shake and eliminate the unhealthy waste from your body yourself.

Tell Me About the Bowel Cleanse Shake

A combination of psyllium husk/powder and bentonite clay make up the Bowel Cleanse shake. Its name, Bowel Cleanse, comes from the first letters of these two well-known bowel cleansing ingredients. Psyllium husk is a form of soluble dietary fiber, which assists in ridding fecal waste attached to the colon walls over time. Bentonite is naturally occurring volcanic clay that is widely used in industry as well as in medicine – it is an excellent bowel cleansing substance, as it attracts toxic waste and candida threads to itself in the intestine prior to eliminating them.

Bowel Cleanse shake is regarded as a top-notch bowel cleanse alternative to help eliminate toxins, unfriendly bacteria and parasites from your colon by getting rid of the hardened fecal material adhering to the walls of the colon.

How to get ready for the Bowel Cleanse?

The shake is easy to prepare, using the following steps:

  • Put 10 ounces of water, or watery juice, in a container.
  • Mix in a tablespoon of liquid bentonite clay (or wet it a little if it is powdered) as well as a teaspoon of powdered psyllium seed. (One tablespoon of psyllium husk can be used rather than the powder if desired.)
  • Add another 10 ounces of water to the concoction.
  • Shake until thoroughly blended.
  • You could also include a probiotic to add beneficial bacteria back after the bowel cleanse, as good bacteria get eliminated during the process as well.

Your shake of is now ready for your consumption. Remember to drink the entire shake as soon as it is ready.

To Prepare for the Bowel Cleanse and for During the Bowel Cleanse

  • Cease taking any vitamins or other medications before undertaking the bowel cleanse process.
  • Fast for a short time, or go on a water fast, by consuming a generous amount of water, mixed with a small amount of salt. If fasting is not for you, you may drink juice made with fresh ingredients or eat some light food of the kichadi type.
  • On the day you begin your bowel cleanse, just consume a single glass of the shake. Ensure it is taken while the stomach is empty – at least one hour before or after consuming food or any medicinal or herbal formulations.
  • Gradually build up the frequency each day – after a week, you could expect to be drinking four to five glasses per day.
  • Continue with the routine until you feel like most of the mucoid plaque is gone. Keep in mind it can take between one and six months to achieve this state.
  • Consume a good amount of water during the bowel cleanse to counteract the potential for constipation.
  • Make sure your diet is healthy. Avoid eating too much. Avoid unhealthy foods, sugary snacks or soft drinks, coffee, black tea and pasteurized milk.
  • Reduce your stress through meditation practices or yoga.

When you have finally eliminated all the built-up waste in your bowel, you may be a bit tired of the entire bowel cleanse process. But when your body is finally free of the accumulated fecal matter, toxins, parasites and bad bacteria, you will once more feel healthy, rejuvenated, strong and invigorated.