Why Should You Buy Colon Blow?

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Colon Blow – At a Glance:

The manufacturer’s of Colon Blow use the power of laughter as a marketing tool. It is a huge risk but it could make the consumer feel comfortable about actually needing the product, but then again it is easy to blow off colon cleansing as a joke, and not take it seriously. The company appears to be really concerned with colon health, and welcomes any comments from customers. The website even offers Colon Blow t-shirts, shorts, and hats, and encourages users to be proud of taking action towards their health.

The remainder of the Colon Blow website is basic, and with a contemporary look, which is certain to attract prospective customers who are younger. They push the product as “no-nonsense” way to cleanse the colon. There is hardly any information about colon health, and the company doesn’t participate in any scare tactics to sell the product. They do disclose the facts pertaining to why you may need the product in a straightforward manner, stating that however healthy you may think you are, most people will need a good colon cleansing. There is an FAQ section, which addresses questions in a very straightforward manner, and a list of customer testimonials.

Colon Blow – Facts

Colon Blow

This product was created to be taken within a 24 hour period in order to be effective. The website illustrates the proper way the product is to be taken, but it really depends on the individual. They additionally offer three ways to take the product to ensure effectiveness. For the maximum results it should be taken while consuming only liquids. A more natural balanced way would be eating lightly, and finally the least ‘explosive’ way would be to continue eating normally. At any rate, the product, which is a powder and capsules, is to be taken three times and can be repeated in ten days, and up to sixty days. It is vital that you consume as much liquid as you possibly can during the cleanse.

There are very few ingredients in the powder. Mostly it is made of psyllium husk, plant flavors and stevia, and also a natural sweetener. The ingredient list for the capsules are a slightly longer, the primary substances are two kinds of cascara sagrada, and senna, figs, prunes, and magnesium. As documented on an independent website, Colon Blow has twice the standard amount of cascara sagrada, and senna than other products, in addition to figs, prunes, and magnesium. There are no warning displayed on the Colon Blow website about the danger of taking this substance. The powder is similar to Metamucil, which is a laxative that can be purchased over the counter in any drugstore, and is made up primarily of psyllium husk seeds.

Colon Blow – Positive Features

  • The company appears to be very sincere and straightforward regarding their renegade cleanser.
  • They encourage customer feedback.
  • The product comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.
  • It is possible to have the product mailed to the customer in very discreet packaging if requested.
  • The cost is affordable, only $13.95 per kit.
  • There is a good buzz surrounding this product, and also a cult-like following on the Internet.
  • It is promoted to assist consumers to get serious regarding their health.

Colon Blow – Negative Features

  • The funny feel that the product has can turn some people off.
  • The product is very strong and may be too harsh for some people.
  • There is no warning information about the harsher ingredients contained in the product.
  • Some users have reported some discomfort after using Colon Blow, and it is possible that some uncomfortable side effects may occur.
Colon Blow – Conclusion

There is no doubting that given the ingredients contained in this product, that it would live up to its name. It may require that the user not make plans during the time that it is taken, because it is a liquid only diet. It would probably be best that the novice user begin with the less aggressive plan, then cautiously proceed, working up gradually to the optimal results program.

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