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Dr. Roger Patrick a well known colon therapist asserts that, I see that the human body is designed to be healthy and live long. It is my faith that humans can live well beyond their 90 years with fully functioning body. I see that we must work for health, and we will make it a priority, but the promise is there. When people come to colon therapy  and fasting consultations, they have the distinct opportunity to be able to see that cleansing the body has the promise to add years to their lives. Of course, it’s not that a scientific study we are undertaking, but when a person sees thirty feet of black tar rope come out from their colon during the process, they can’t aid but realize that all of that fecal matter in their bodies should be an important factor for aging. I note that being part an individual observation that they have just done something that will increase their duration of life is quite moving.

Colon Health

Fasting perks up bowel functioning:

For those of us who are in a position of having no health problem, and consider themselves over the need for fast, deem this: The human body is chiefly resilient and can take much abuse of consumption with excessive eating unhealthy food. Most people believe that if they have good movement of bowels each day they are free of constipation. This is not so. A person should have a bowels movement after every meal. The bowels should move 2-4 times a day. Once on the toilet, the elimination should be easy and take no more than 10-30 seconds. The healthy stool will be long, large diameter, light brown in color, without offensive odor and should float or down very slowly. When the toilet is flushed, the stool will break apart instantly. An unobserved consequence of lethargic metabolism is the body completely putrefy, rotten wastes, loss; lying in the intestine, where it undergoes enzymatic changes that poison the body.

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