There are many different tests out there that people are not familiar with. One of these tests just so happens to be called colonoscopy. So what is colonoscopy, you might ask? This is a test that a doctor can do so that he can actually see the lining of your large intestine! Not only that, but he also gets to see your rectum and your colon (which are the same as your large intestine, if you did not see). This is performed by sticking a small tube that is very flexible in your anus. Attached to the end of the tube is, of course, a video camera. Then the doctor can stick this in your anus and take snaps of colon. Trust it or not, the camera can actually travel completely in your large intestine to the top of small intestine! This process is quite lengthy.

Now the question arises that why do docs carry out this colonoscopy? There are actually a lot of good things that can come out by performing this kind of test. The doctor can find things like polyps and ulcers. Not only that, but he can also find tumors. Also, if your anus has been bleeding, the doctor can find the source of the problem with this apparatus. He can even see if a part of your colon is inflamed or not. Now these doctors can even use this kind of machine to check for cancers as well. Even though this will not be the humorous test in your life, it could be a test that can save your life.

Prior to have a colonoscopy test, you have to flush out your colon. This is known as colon prep. If you do not hygienic out your colon, then the doctor may not be able to see the whole thing that he needs to see, because the view will be blocked by waste material. Generally, it will take about 1-2 days at the max to clean out colon. There are a few distinct means that the doctor will tell you about cleaning out your colon. You can choose whichever way you want to, but some means take longer than others. The major tip that you can have is to stay home during the prep time. You will see that you will be using the bathroom a lot! Most of the time, you are going to have more bowel movements than food that you even take in. However, in the end, it is all worth it. The doctor will be able to see what, if anything, is not right inside your colon.

This is mostly the best way to find out why your colon is bleeding or any kind of problems like that. After all, it is hard to get a good looks inside your colon, but the colonoscopy makes that all possible.