Constipation – Avoid It At All Costs

If you usually have tough and dehydrated excrement – eliminating less often than you should – most likely you are afflicted with constipation. Because this little problem can end up contributing to other ailments, you must do everything you can to eliminate constipation as soon as you can; if not, it might be very uncomfortable for your body and your mental state as well.

What Is the Cause of Constipation?

Whether constipation is a condition of the colon or a problem with the digestive system is argued by some experts. Whatever it may be, constipation indicates that your feces dry up and get hard, making it challenging to release your stools with ease. Once your bowel action has finished, you still feel as though you are not finished. There could be a variety of causes. Different people may experience different causes.

Anyway, let us think about the most likely reasons:

  • Not enough fiber in the diet.
  • Consuming too little water.
  • No interest in physical activity.
  • Using incorrect medication or too much medication.
  • Ingesting too many laxatives.
  • Not listening to your body telling you it is time for a bowel movement.
  • Dysfunctions of the colon and intestines.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome which will not go away.
  • Health concerns like lupus, multiple sclerosis and even stress.
  • Being with child.
  • Fatigue from travel.
  • Older age slowing and degenerating of the bodies systems.

Treatments for Constipation

As long as you keep ingesting them, laxatives can temporarily take care of constipation. You must take other definite steps – healthy lifestyle alterations or home cures – that will assist you in eliminating constipation completely. What you have to do is examine the reasons again – as carefully as you can – and deal with them one at a time. With some gumption and discipline on your part, most of the reasons can be changed rather simply. In order to deal with the ones that you are not able to overcome, go see a doctor and obey his directions.

At that point, you will realize that constipation is not as terrible as it was before. However, if you obey the following advice with discipline, it will definitely improve:

  • The only time you should eat is when you are hungry.
  • Eating between meals is prohibited. There should be about four hours in between meals where you are not eating. Avoid ingesting any food 2 hours before going to bed for the night.
  • Your daily diet should have lots of fiber-rich vegetables and nuts incorporated into it. As a matter of fact, you have to eat almost twice the daily amount of these foods (but don’t drink over six ounces of any type of juice). Minimize the consumption of meat, specifically red meats.
  • Soya milk and whole bread cereal should comprise your breakfast.
  • Consume some warm milk before you go to sleep for the night.
  • Your bowel movement the following morning will be quite different if you add two teaspoonfuls of castor oil to milk before bed.
  • Constipation conditions are also eased by using flaxseed oil. Ingest one tablespoon of the oil coupled with a glass of water following each of the two big daily meals.
  • You can also use lemon juice (combined with warm water) and this will relieve your constipation.
  • As a substitute for lemon juice you can take a teaspoonful of aloe gel.
  • Taking one or two tablespoons of psyllium husk or powder mixed with milk or water should do a lot to relieve constipation.

When you alter your lifestyle and change your daily eating habits, you should not use every remedy at the same time — one or two should be enough. A properly balanced menu coupled with drinking lots of water and maintaining your workouts is necessary. Most likely, this will relieve your constipation.

The lifestyle and changes to your diet should be permanent, but you should never take all the supplements at one time — just take one or two at a time. But you must be consistent with your exercise routines and drink a lot of water along with your healthy diet everyday. This should, in all likelihood, bring about the end of your constipation.