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Cosmelan Peel Reviews

Cosmelan peel is a specifically prepared range of skin care products that are manufactured to address problems of pigmentation, dark patches, and spots that can affect anybody because of a number of causes like, over-exposure to sun rays, instances of acne and other negative effects of aging etc.

Cosmelan Peel | Cosmelan Peel Reviews

This Cosmelan Peel involves a 2-step procedure for undertaking the de-pigmentation of skin cells and restoring the original color of the skin, as it was before.

For the 1st step of the treatment, the affected person is required to go to a well equipped facility, where a qualified dermatologist undertakes the procedure of masking the face. And this mask is no ordinary mask, as it is specifically made to match the skin tone of the individual. The time frame for keeping the mask on the face is however completely dependent upon the person taking the treatment and it is usually taken off by using cleansing milk on the face of the person when the job is finally finished. Once the mask has been taken off, the skin is further cleaned and the person now gets ready to proceed to the next step of this treatment.

For the 2nd step of the treatment, the affected person is required to go through a Cosmelan treatment involving the use of Hydra-vital Factor K-Cream, which is soon followed up by application of a complete Moisturizer Sun-Blocking cream.

The Cosmelan Ingredient

The Mask used for 1st step of the treatment contains following substances:

  • Azelaic-Acid
  • Kojic-Acid
  • Phytic-Acid
  • Ascorbic-Acid
  • Arbutine and
  • Titanium

The Hydra Vital Factor-K Cream used for 2nd step of treatment contains following substances:

  • Hydroviton
  • Vitamin-K
  • Vitamin-E
  • Amniotic-fluid
  • Glycerine and
  • Silicone-oil

The Moisturizing Sun block used for final step of treatment contains following substances:

  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnimate
  • Titanium-dioxide with added sun-block ingredients.

Azelaic is primarily to address the problem of acne, while Kojic-Acid does the important job of lightening skin-tone by stalling making of tyrosinase; a darkening-agent for the skin. Ascorbic-Acid acts by rejuvenating the skin tissues, while Arbutin is a skin whitening and anti-aging agent. Vitamin-K is to treat dark-circles present under the eye, while Vitamin-E helps in repairing dry skin and enhancing skin’s moisture retaining capability. Ethylhexyl-Methoxycinnimate actually aids in guarding the skin against instances of sun-burn and related skin injuries inflicted by Ultra-violet Rays by absorbing them.

Advantages of Cosmelan Peel Procedure

  • Helps in addressing melanin patches on skin
  • The method is pretty safe and painless
  • This method is widely suggested by dermatologists
  • The results of this treatment are thoroughly tested and verified
Disadvantages of this Procedure
  • Takes petty long to show effect on dark skin tones
  • The cost of this treatment is very high
  • The effects of Cosmelan treatment don’t last forever
  • The main ingredients of this treatment Titanium-Dioxide is known to have Cancer-causing properties.
  • Kojic-acid’s unstable properties can cause skin irritation or dermatitis and erythema.
Cosmelan Side Effects

Some users have faced peeling/redness on face at 1st step with virtually nil progress on melasma spots. People sensitive to any ingredients may face post-inflammatory hyper- pigmentation around sides of mouth and smile-lines area.

The conclusion on Cosmelan Review

For deriving maximum benefits from this treatment, it is imperative to not undertake it with any other skin care remedy. Regular usage is also essential as the effects of this treatment are only temporary.

All in all, this treatment is not meant to give fine touches, in fact, it is more suitable for people who have severe skin problems caused by extreme-exposure to the sun.

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