ENT Chairs: Comfortable Treatment for the Patients

Just as with all the other branches of Medicine, Surgery and Treatment is otolaryngology or the Ear, Nose and Throat treatment. The ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) or Otolaryngology is a division of medical science, surgery, diagnosis and treatment. ENT specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck related disorders. A medical practitioner who practices and is connected with the diagnosis of disorders relating to the head and neck, including the ears, nose, and throat is referred to as an ENT Specialist. ENT doctors are also referred to as otolaryngologists.

Prime features and benefits of the ENT chairs include:

ENT Chairs
  • Ability to fully recline to allow proximity to the otolaryngologist access to the patient’s head and neck.
  • Foldable armrests for easy patient access.
  • Keeping space restriction in mind, compact design.
  • Construction using High quality materials for long useful life.
  • Compact base, very sturdy and Easy to clean and maintain
  • Option of Brackets available to fix chair to floor using nuts and bolts for added safety, if needed.
  • Option to choose with and or without footrest, as preferred.
  • Vinyl material used is Anti-bacterial.

A sturdy and comfortable chair is built with the sole purpose of catering to a busy ENT specialist. Important features such as matching head rest pillow duly upholstered and which could be adjusted not only with a tilt but also in height to suit the various specific procedures entailed in an ENT clinic.

Other alternatives, such as, an adjustable headrest in polyurethane is also provided to allow a wide range of applications and procedures to the patient.

An extended arm positioning of which could be easily adjusted to suit the need of the medical practitioner is provided from the right side of the chair which provides support to a small tray to house the tools and implements to be used during the treatment.

A hydraulic pump which could be operated by a foot is also provided to make necessary adjustments to the height other features of the patient. Another feature presented is that the chair would rotate and lock as desired,

This modifiable ENT chair is highly adjustable and it is the most ideal choice of use when a patient undergoing treatment is required to sit for extended period of time, for example while being given special treatments, or while recovering from surgery, or any other such procedures. The stylish design which is accompanied by many other special features includes provision of storing settings in memory with well shaped upholstery to provide ultimate relaxation to the patient, along with comfort and proper support.

Comfort to the patients

Such an outstanding otolaryngologist treatment provides satisfaction and comfort to the patients for many years at the ENT specialist’s treatment clinics. Since the chair is very well built, quality tested, safe and hygienic, the ENT chair offers all that one could look for in any treatment unit. The arm-rests tilt a full 90° upwards and downwards to allow easy seating from the sides. The height of the seat could be adjusted by controlling the hydraulic pump given near the base with the foot to make it most comfortable to the patient and could be again lifted back to the desired position. The back support, leg-rest, foot-rest and arm-rests are all fully adjustable to make the patient seat oneself in the most comfortable position before undergoing any procedure and all these adjustments could be done by tweaking simple levers.

After all maximum comfort is extended to the patient who chooses to undergo any treatment or procedure at the otolaryngologist’s clinic which could extend to a longer period based on the treatment procedure involved. With all the above features built in to the chair, it is also backed by a team of efficient service to attend to any petty issues, if any.

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