Why Should You Buy EverCleanse?

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Christina Dodd 

EverCleanse – At a Glance

Most radio listeners will recognize Ever Cleanse because its advertisements are aired so frequently. But expensive advertisements do not necessarily signal that the product is good; it just means that they are effective in influencing people with regard to weight loss.

Ever Cleanse is a colon cleanse product which is also advertised as a weight loss aid. In theory, once the excess waste has been eliminated, the extra pounds related to that waste will disappear as well, providing an average weight loss of 15 pounds or more.

The Ever Cleanse official website is professional and has a good layout, with designated sections for FAQ’s and testimonials. The FAQ has three brief questions and the testimonials are only one to two sentences with no result photos. The site also features an audio rendition of the EverCleanse radio commercial, although it does not provide any information above and beyond what is written.

Ever Cleanse – Facts


Ever Cleanse takes a three-pronged approach. Step one is a ‘sweep’ that rids the body of toxins and accumulated wastes. Step two is a replenishing formula that adds ‘good’ bacteria to the system to re-establish a healthy environment. Step three is a support and maintenance process.

Although the notion of three steps seems logical, we do not have a clear idea of what ingredients are included in the formula, nor do we know which formulas are part of the package deal. A product label is displayed, but there is no indication which “step” it is for (although being that it includes a lot of probiotics, it is probably for the second step). We surmise that the formula is a powder since the label refers to using a one scoop serving size, but there are no further instructions as to when or how to take it.

Since no other product labels are displayed, we do not know what ingredients are included in each formula. This can be quite frustrating and even dangerous for those with food allergies and sensitivities.

Ever-cleanse – Positive Features

  • All natural ingredients are a part of the Ever Cleanse formula.
  • The website allows visitors to hear the Ever Cleanse radio commercial.
  • There are three vital detoxification parts to this product.

Ever-cleanse – Negative Features

  • EverCleanse does not provide a list of ingredients.
  • The basic package does not include the “Maintenance” formula.
  • The price of $99.95 for one month basic package of Ever Cleanse is very pricey.
  • A money-back guarantee is not provided.
  • Free trials are not available.
  • Customers who have used Ever Cleanse have given the product some extremely poor independent reviews.
  • They do not disclose the instructions for Ever Cleanse.
  • Ever Cleanse cannot be found in stores or on independent retailers online.
  • People could possibly have an allergic reaction to Ever Cleanse.
Ever-cleanse – Conclusion

EverCleanse is a perfect example of why people should not buy something just because it is currently popular or advertised heavily. Most people would not be comfortable using a product that does not list its ingredients and that is double the cost of similar products available.

No matter what, if a product has a lot of negative reviews it should be avoided

Expert Review
Editor Review by : Christina Dodd
Rating: 0 / 5

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