Four Options For Buying a Stair-lift

If you suddenly are experiencing issues with mobility you may feel as if you are stranded in your own home as you are no longer able to get up and down the stairs without assistance. The good news is that there are many different types of stair-lifts that can help you get past this new issue. However, there are so many choices that if you start to look at the options you might get confused. The following guide will help you if you are looking at a variety of stair-lifts figure out which one is going to be the best fit for your home and you.


The most common type of stair-lift is easily the straight stair-lift. It fits almost any staircase that goes straight up from the top to the bottom without any bends, curves, or a landing in the middle of connecting flights of stairs. If there are any turns or bends in a staircase, then it is better to choose a curved stair-lift because they are made to take the turns. For curved stair-lifts the rail is made to the specifications of the stair-lift to ensure that there is a perfect fit every single time.

If you are worried about your financial situation, then you may want to look into reconditioned stair-lifts, more commonly referred to as used chairlifts. They usually come from companies that have taken old stair-lifts and refurbished them much like any other electronic device. When you are looking at a variety of stair-lifts, they also come with a full warranty so you are guaranteed the same peace of mind you would receive if you bought a new stair-lift. This may not be an option for a curved stair-lift since the rail needs to be customized, but for those with a straight stair-lift it can be an excellent way to cut costs. You also might want to think about checking with insurance since they will often help cover the costs.

In the case that your mobility issue is only short-term, such as when an injury has rendered you limited for just a few months, you may want to consider a rental stair-lift. Of course, once again this will only work with a straight staircase as it will not need to be customized. However, if you are a candidate for this is the likely the cheapest way to get a stair-lift installed in your home. It is important to see how narrow or wide a staircase is first however because older homes may not accommodate all sizes.