Intestinal Cleansing: Purpose of Probiotics

Would you think that a beneficial therapy like intestinal cleansing could be harmful in any way at all? If you had not, then now is the time to realize the truth. Cleansing the intestinal tract definitely aids us by ridding if of all types of hazardous matter — for example, toxins, parasites and bad bacteria — that hide out in our bowel in great numbers. But, meanwhile the procedure eradicates, unintentionally, the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract.

Intestinal Cleansing and Eradication of Harmful Bacteria

If you believe that bacteria always refers to something harmful, you are badly misinformed, because both good and bad bacteria exist in our bodies, always trying to maintain our health. Actually, usually the ratio of beneficial bacteria to adverse bacteria is greater when you are in good health, and the bad bacteria haven’t had the opportunity to damage your organs.

The preeminence of the beneficial over the harmful bacteria is particularly true in terms of the lower intestine with a ratio of 85:15 – a whopping 85% of beneficial bacteria work to maintain the intestinal flora. So, as a healthy process like intestinal cleansing eradicates beneficial as well as harmful bacteria, it disrupts effective colon activity. To counteract this, it is necessary to restore the amount of beneficial bacteria using probiotics to renew their needed balance that existed before intestinal cleansing.

What is the definition of Probiotic ?

Probiotic, actually, is the beneficial bacteria themselves, as they are occasionally termed professionally. Probiotic in fact translates literally as ‘for life’, and refers to a microorganism (the category for bacteria and yeast) that can furnish significant advantages to health when taken. Actually, it is regularly done along with a colon/intestinal cleansing program.

By ingesting the correct amount of good probiotic nutrients you can replenish the good bacteria that would have been flushed out with an intestinal cleansing program. The result is that your colon’s good bacteria are replenished to their pre-cleanse level, prepared to stop the proliferation of harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi in your system.

Additional benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics do more than just counteract the negative factors of intestinal cleansing.

Besides curbing the proliferation of harmful bacteria that lead to digestive malfunctions, probiotics can also improve:

  • Digestion.
  • Absorption of vitamins vitamins from the food you eat.
  • Production of vitamins so your body will be healthy.
  • Increasing your immune system
Probiotics Sources

There are an abundance of probiotic supplements on the market to choose from, either online or at a local drugstore. Pills and capsules are examples of the many forms these are available in. Some foods like yogurt, certain cheese-based foods, onion, garlic, and bananas are recognized as plentiful sources of probiotics too.

Prior to purchasing any one probiotic formula that’s for sale, you need to consult with your doctor about its effectiveness. Still, you need to follow your intestinal cleansing procedure by taking an effective probiotic supplement explicitly for restoring good bacteria. Actually, the majority of intestinal cleansing methods require probiotics in the cleansing procedure and afterward too.