Major Physical Ailments Caused By Stress

Recently conducted researches show that stress is the main cause behind most of the health disturbances in most of the people. The body’s condition gets unstable, and diseases like heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes and various other health complications become a part of your body. Instead of stressing about all these sicknesses, spend time in reading the following paragraphs where you will learn about ways to relieve yourself of all the stressful issues that may risk your very life. The following lines will tell you about the various ailments associated with stress and how to get relief from them.

Major Physical Ailments Caused By Stress

Cardiac Problems – The type-A of the stressed out personalities have the greatest risk among all of heart high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. Although, the reason remains undisclosed it is presumed that the blood vessels and the heart are directly affected by stress. This disorder also connects to other issues like obesity and smoking (which people resort to for averting stress)- which increases the risks related to the heart.

It is known to the doctors that cardiac problems, especially the serious ones like heart attack or cardiac arrest, are subject to emotional stress. This is the reason why people with chronic cardiac problems are suggested to stay away from stress.

Obesity – Extra deposition of fat in the belly can cause more health related problems to you than fat that is deposited in your hips or legs. People, who have more stress in their lives, have more fat deposited in their belly. Stress triggers the surge of cortisol hormone in the body, which in turn, increases the fat amount deposited in your abdomen area.

Asthma – According to several studies, stress makes asthma worse. The stress levels of the parents, in certain cases, may affect the child and increase his risk of being an asthma patient. One of the studies reveals that parents’ levels of stress triggered the children’s asthma rates, especially when exposed to cigarette smoke (pregnant mothers) and other air polluting agents. Thus, children whose parents are highly stressed have a good tendency of developing asthma.

Gastric Problems – Stress does not cause ulcer in the stomach. However, it can cause them to get worse. This disorder is also commonly found in other problems related to gastroenteric problems including IBS and chronic heartburn GERD).

Conclusion: If you are still thinking why stress would affect your health in such a fatal way, causing an emotional uproar and torturing your body to the fullest, you will be amazed to know that stress is not limited to feelings alone. It is a physiological response to any possible threat. Your body is simply reacting to stress that your mind is undertaking. This physical experience involves a rise in the pulse rate and blood pressure. Even your breathing becomes irregular and faster. Adrenalin and cortisol hormones flood your body’s bloodstream. Therefore, it is best to keep a safe distance from stress and consider all that can happen to you if you do not stop stressing!

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