Medical Practioners That Women Need

Doctors for Every Woman

Physician for Primary Health Care

Also known as a family doctor or doctor for general women’s health issues, he is responsible for providing solutions to common ailments such as cold, catarrh, cough, injuries and minor accidents. This doctor is also responsible for rendering useful advices and connecting you to specialists for treatments beyond his scope. He also has the task of keeping an up-to-date record of your health history.

The Internist

Medical Practioners That Women Need

The internist is another physician for womens health. He is mainly responsible for taking care of adults that display symptoms of diabetes and hypertension.

The Gynecologist

Every woman needs a gynecologist who will be dedicated in ensuring the optimal health her reproductive organs and providing womens health tips. Research has shown that a girl is expected to make her first visit to the gynaecologist when she is between 13 years and 15 years old. After her first visit, she is then required to visit the gynaecologist at least once every year. One of the reasons for visiting a gynaecologist is to have him perform a Pap or pelvic test. There are several other examinations he may have to do.


The work of an obstetrician includes taking care of mothers and their babies from the time of pregnancy to time of delivery. Even after delivery, they still have a major role to play in the health of both mother and child. Obstetricians can sometimes function as gynecologists since they both have similar training. Obstetricians are important because they help the woman manage complications in pregnancy.


The dermatologist is responsible for taking care of the skin, nails and hair. Every woman needs a dermatologist to control skin problems such as eczema and acne. The dermatologist also helps prevent conditions that can cause the skin to age. The dermatologist is required to perform skin checks on the entire body at least once in a year to find out when moles manifest. This annual test is an important way of detecting early symptoms of melanoma.

An optometrist is one that mainly takes care of the eye to ensure proper vision. An optometrist is required to have a Doctor of Optometry degree before practicing. It is advisable to always visit the optometrist at least once in a year for primary eye treatments. Most times, the optometrist is the one who is responsible for prescribing eye glasses that are needed to correct problems with vision. In this case, they sometimes share the same responsibility with an ophthalmologist who is trained to conduct eye exams.

Ophthalmologists are professionals in the health field that take care of the eyes and their structures. They take care of major eye problems. Womens health issues such as the need for surgery will make your optometrist direct you to an ophthalmologist.

The dentist is responsible for taking care of the teeth for good oral health. It is advisable to visit the dentist at least once in six months.