New Studies Show that Vitamin D and Calcium are Vital to Colon Cancer Survival

Colon cancer is one of the leading killer diseases in North America today, and we really need to be doing more to prevent it individually. Colorectal cancer is very preventable, even when you are at risk of getting it because it runs in your family. There are a lot of options out there for people who want to do something about colon cancer prevention, and scientists are constantly studying to find out all they can about the quickly growing type of cancer.

Colon cancer is expanding very fast, and researchers are always coming out with new discoveries on how it has developed another mutation, or how it has found a way to grow in spite of treatments. However, on the other side of the coin, researchers also keep coming out with new ways that we can protect ourselves from colon cancer, and new treatments for it as well. We are definitely winning in the fight against colon cancer, even if we haven’t found an actual cure yet. However, you need to participate in the fight, or we will not win any battles against colon cancer, because the only way you can win is by being proactive about it.

Recent studies have proven that vitamin D and calcium are not only linked to colon cancer survival, but these supplements are associated with preventing the disease as well. There have been a few studies about the effects that vitamin D and calcium have on colon cancer in the past, and now scientists finally ready to recommend supplements to colon cancer patients. The latest study proved that patients who did not get enough calcium and vitamin D were more likely to have their cancer come back. This includes all sources of vitamin D – both through food and supplements and the sun.

The latest study on vitamin D and calcium followed 304 cancer patients and 96 of these people dies from colon cancer. When researchers measured the amounts of vitamin D and calcium in all 304 people, they noticed that people without enough of the supplements were 48 % more likely to pass away from colon cancer than the patients with reasonable amounts of vitamin D and calcium.

This discovery is a great example of a way that we can be proactive in the fight against colon cancer. If you are at risk of getting the deadly disease, don’t wait until you have it to start fighting it; start now, and give yourself a good head start! Make sure you are getting all of your essential vitamins and minerals, with extra vitamin D and calcium added into the mix. Another great way to get vitamin D is through the sun, so be sure to spend at least a half an hour outside in the sun each day. You will feel better doing this as well – other studies have shown that the risk of depression is much lower when you get a good amount of sunshine each day.