Raspberry Ketones Max Review – How Safe and Effective Is This Supplement?

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Facts About Raspberry Ketones Max

Raspberry Ketones Max is a weight loss pill that is slowly taking over the supplement market as more and more people get to hear about its real potential to reduce fat cells.

Raspberry Ketones Max is a 5 ingredients based formula put together by the company HealthBuy to assist people struggling with their weight. One thing that is important to remember is that, before the formulation of Raspberry Ketones Max, one had to take in an entire basket of raspberries to get enough of the ketone enzyme necessary to fight fat.

Raspberry Ketones Max

If you don’t know what ketone enzymes are, just remember that they are aromatic compounds that give off the smell that we all know from raspberries. Ketone enzymes have been used in the food industry for decades to improve the smell of candies, soaps and even candles.

It is only recently that it was discovered that the enzyme could also be used to fight obesity. After it was showcased on the Dr Oz Show, raspberry ketone gained more popularity and many supplement companies rushed into producing pills made with the enzyme.

The manufacturer of Raspberry Ketones Max decided to push thing a bit further by offering more value than just the ketone enzyme. This is why we decided to review the product to give you a clear picture of what it has to offer.

Why Use Raspberry Ketones Max?

The reality is there are many other raspberry ketone based products out there so the question is why should you invest your money in this one in particular? The answer is simple. The company behind the product does not only offer you a pill to swallow, it is rather proposing to give you an entire package that includes a free membership to a weight management club where you are going to have access to advices from professionals in the field of weight loss.

By taking action and ordering Raspberry Ketones Max, you will also be offered a number of ebooks containing valuable information about what you should and should not do if you want to lose weight. That is enough reason to get yourself this supplement.

Ingredients Info

There are 5 ingredients used in the formulation of Raspberry Ketones Max.

Raspbery Ketones – 300mg
The thing about ketone enzymes is that if you want to get it directly from the raspberry fruit, you may have to eat an entire basket to get the needed 300 mg. Science has allowed manufacturers to extract that much out of the fruit without struggle. The good news about ketone enzymes is that they attack fat cells directly and make them shrink down.

Green Tea Standard Extract
Green tea is an ingredient rich in polyphenols and catechins. It’s been shown that one can boost his metabolism by consuming green tea on regular basis. That aside the ingredient is known to also help protect the body from the effect of free radicals which can potentially cause cancer.

Caffeine is known to be an excellent thermogenic. It increases body temperature in order to create an environment that is unfriendly to fat cells.

Chromium is a mineral found in trace in the human body. It is known to influence the absorption of glucose and prevent emotional craving.

This is an amino acid found in the human body. It is believed to improve sleep

Raspberry Ketones Max Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Contains fat shrinking enzymes
  • Boosts metabolism and increases body temperature
  • Includes a free membership to an online weight management club


  • One bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max is relatively expensive
  • The supplement contains caffeine which is a stimulant that can cause side effects

Is There Any Risk Associated With Raspberry Ketones Max?

Generally, Raspberry Ketone Max is recognized as safe. That said, the fact that it contains caffeine suggests it might not be safe for sensitive people. It can potentially cause anxiety, insomnia and palpitations.

Raspberry Ketones Max Cost

On the official website, a bottle of 60 capsules cost $49.95. You can save more if you are willing to order the 6 Month supply package.

Suggested Usage

The recommended daily dose is 2 tablets. You may take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Never take more than 2 at a time. You should also avoid taking it in the night before going to sleep.

The Bottom Line

It you are interested in maximizing your chances of losing weight, maybe it is time your try Raspberry Ketone Max. It contains enzymes recognized to shrink fat cells so there is no reason why it wouldn’t work on you. Dr Oz believes in Raspberry Ketone, that is one good reason why you should try it.

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