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Scientists Discover a Link between Obesity and Colon Cancer

America is well known around the world as the planet’s fattest country. There, I said it; we are fat! You only have to look out of your window or take a walk down the street to realize why we are ranked as numero uno in the fat category. The United States has the most fast food restaurants per square inch in the world – bar none! And we definitely use them… The fast food industry is wildly successful in this country – if it is cooked in grease or over 500 calories, we can’t get enough of it!

We have been hearing about the dangers of obesity for a while now, and everything that we’ve been hearing about it should be enough to make us sit up and take notice, but apparently we haven’t got the message loud and clear enough. Well, a recent study shows that obesity is linked to yet another scary subject: cancer. Not just any cancer either – colon cancer! Right now, colon cancer is killing more people than almost all of the other types of cancer, and not to mention the other diseases out there. Maybe this will be the thing to make us change our eating and exercise habits.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and it has linked obesity to colon cancer through genetics. Some obese people have a fat hormone in their bodies called adeponectin, and some don’t. This fat hormone comes from a gene called ADIPOQ, and as long as this fat hormone is in your body die to the effects of the ADIPOQ gene, you will be 30 percent less likely to develop colon cancer. However, a lot of people have significant amounts of adeponectin hormone without the gene, and these people are a lot more likely to get colon cancer.

Scientists are using this study as a launch pad to other, more in depth studies on the link between obesity, genetics and colon cancer. They say that with this new knowledge, they can finally do some more in depth tests on the subject and find out a lot more about it. Researchers are also very hopeful that through the results of this and future studies, they will be able to come up with a better screening process for colon cancer in regards to obese people. We may even be able to detect colon cancer earlier, which always makes for a better chance of successful recovery from the cancer.

One thing the researchers knew for sure about the link between obesity and colon cancer was that anyone can lessen their chances of getting the disease by losing weight, getting in shape and adopting better eating habits. Not only will this help to prevent colon cancer, but it will also keep some other diseases and ailments away, such as heart disease and stroke. I encourage you to wake up America, and start preventing colon cancer today. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Group Exercise and Fitness Classes Benefits

In the last couple of years, group exercise and fitness classes have grown quite popular. There are so many advantages that can be obtained from these classes, which is why it is offered in most gym programs. However, there are many who go to the gym and are in the habit of doing their own workout routines, which is why they may find it difficult to get used to doing group classes. To keep you motivated, discover the benefits of doing group exercise and fitness classes in comparison to individual workouts.

Staying Motivated

Group Exercise and Fitness Classes Benefits

Staying motivated can be a challenge for many who are trying to stay in track with their workout routine. Just thinking about waking up early in the morning to exercise can already discourage one from working out altogether. The good thing with group fitness classes is that since you are working out with a group, you are able to stay motivated to ensure that you get healthy and get in shape. All classes have a starting time so you can’t procrastinate since you actually have to get there on time. Getting up in the morning for a workout is a lot easier when you know other people in your group are waking up early as well. In addition, these classes go on for about an hour each time so it works effectively in eliminating any chance you may have of quitting.

Making Workouts Fun

Group exercise and fitness classes like the ones developed by the Les Mills program already have the complete workout and the steps fixed with music. Having music along with workout routines achieve a fun and energetic atmosphere that will make time go by fast so you won’t realize how hard you are working out. With having workouts combined with music, you will not only get in shape, but it will also help you develop rhythm skills along with motor skills. The purpose of these group classes is to bring a number of people together who want to increase their fitness levels. A great advantage to this is that rather than having a workout session with just a personal trainer, you are able to workout with a group that many find to be a lot more comfortable and effective to achieve their fitness goal.

Great Fitness Advice

Group classes are run by fitness instructors with only the best qualifications, especially since they are accountable for the safety of all the participants in the class. These instructors learn a lot about the proper ways to do the workouts and are there to ensure that you maximize your time spent at the gym. You can probably expect the same kind of service from personal trainers, however these are more costly and are often in a more intimidating atmosphere. With doing group workout classes, you are able to experience both great fitness and weight loss advice while doing the workouts safely in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

If you are interested to join group exercise and fitness classes, these are available in many well-known gyms. With the variety of options and schedules, most gyms offer, you are sure to find a class that works for you.

Natural Healing

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Living Better at 50+

Lose Weight By Eating Healthy – Healthy Eating Habits

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight you will want to stay away from fad diets as while you may lose some weight initially it may creep back on again.

Lose Weight By Eating Healthy

Another problem with these type of diets is that you are not really making healthy choices when it comes to your meal planning–which is what will make a difference overall.

The best way to consistently lose weight and to ensure it does not creep back on again is to change your eating habits on a permanent basis.

As many people who have made the switch to eating a diet that consists of fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean meats testify to, once you have tried a new, more healthy diet you will not want to revert to your old eating habits.

In fact, simply eating a healthy diet and cutting out all junk food and sweeteners will often enable you to lose weight naturally over time. Even though you may only lose a couple of pounds a week you can be fairly certain you will not gain it back again.

These days it is fairly easy to have access to a BMI calculator to see if you do in fact need to shed a few pounds. If you do feel that you eat wholesome and healthy foods yet you want to lose a couple more pounds here are some tips to get you started.

Lose Weight By Eating Healthy Foods

  • As simple as it may sound, if you want to lose weight you need to use up more calories than you take in. You can always cut back on your caloric intake or you can ramp up your excercise levels and burn up more calories. In fact, you may want to do both.
  • Say ‘no’ to unhealthy carbohydrates. Steering clear of cakes, candy, sweetened soft drinks and other high calorie foods will automatically help you lose weight.
  • Sometimes it is hard to plan healthy meals, especially if you are very busy. Look for a book that has Weight Loss meal plans to help you manage your meal planning.
  • If you find you end up eating at fast food restaurants at times be sure to make healthy choices from their menus–most serve salads and soups for example.
  • Do not fry foods. Instead, you can grill your steaks, broil your fish or bake casseroles in the oven. Choosing lean meat over fatty cuts of meat will also be a help. Trim the fat off meat before cooking it. If you are making spaghetti, for example, fry the ground beef in a pan without adding any oil then pat off the excess oil with a paper towel afterwards.
  • Here are some great Low Fat Dinner Recipes for you to try.
  • The more fruit and vegetables you eat the better off you will be. They will fill you up, curb your appetite, they generally are not high caloric foods and best of all they are full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Try starting off your meal by eating your salad first. That way you will not feel as hungry when you eat your main course.
  • Start off the day with fruit by adding it to your breakfast menu.
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruit for snack.
  • Include a salad with lunches and dinners. If you run out of ideas, check out some Salad Recipes.
  • Include more vegetables in your stews and sauces and use less meat.
  • Try out some of these Healthy Homemade Soup Recipes for wholesome yet healthy soups.
  • Serve more types of vegetables with your meals and cut back on meat.
  • Rather than relying on guesswork or estimation, weigh your food portions and measure ingredients before adding them to your foods.
  • Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It will give you a good start to the day and provide you with the energy and calories needed to start off your day. That way you will not be tempted to snack before lunch.
  • Alcohol is very high in calories and sugar. Steer clear of it, or severely limit it, if you want to lose weight. Even one small cup of wine will add to your daily calorie intake.
  • Be careful what type of drinks you buy. Buy smaller bottles of alcholic beverages so you won’t be tempted to drink too much. Of course, soft drinks are not recommended either. While diet soft drinks are low in calories they are made with artificial sweeteners which are not healthy for you. If you are thirsty, have a tall, cool glass of water.
  • Fruit juice is more concentrated than fruit and as such it is much higher in caloric content. Just one cup a day should be sufficient.
  • Instead of using cream or full cream milk in your beverages, use skim milk instead. Steer clear of coffee creamer–it is very high in calories. Try getting used to not putting sugar in your beverages.
  • Exercise as well as diet to lose weight will make you feel better and help you lose weight faster as well.