Tips for Proper Hair Coloring

Many women rely on hair coloring to help them look their best and boost confidence. Find a suitable hair coloring idea for any individual can take some time but there are several techniques that are suitable for doing this job in the comfort of the home.

Hair Coloring Tips You Can Use

Tips for Proper Hair Coloring1. Before You Start

  • Wash the hair thoroughly with a good shampoo that is capable of stripping out the dirt and grease. Avoid formulas that combine conditioner with the shampoo and do no condition the hair after washing it. The dye will not properly bind with the hair if it has been treated with conditioner.
  • People with a sensitive scalp or damaged hair should wait at least 24 hours after washing the hair to apply any dye or bleach.

2. What to Do While Coloring the Hair

  • Mix the dye according the printed instructions. Follow the
    directions carefully and precisely.
  • Protect your clothing with an old towel and wear gloves to protect the hands.
  • Apply petroleum jelly along the hairline to keep the dye from coloring the skin. Make sure the jelly does not get on the hair or it will interfere with the color.

3. What to Do After Coloring the Hair

  • Color will last longer if the hair is rinsed with a solution made of lemon and water immediately after it is dyed. This will make the color stronger.
  • Adding a couple spoonfuls of color to your conditioner can help the dye last longer. Leave the solution on the hair for up to five minutes before rinsing it out with warm water.
  • Bleaching the roots will be necessary after shampooing the hair.