Top Lip Plumper Products

WHAA gorgeous pout is the envy of most women. Some women are born with desirable pouty lips, while other women have to use a lip plumper to achieve the same effects. Cosmetic treatments to enhance the volume of lips include collagen, but there is no guarantee it will not cause an allergic reaction, which can create an unnatural look that can last several months. The world of medicine and science has improved over the years, and now lip plumper’s offer the chance to volumize the lips and provide long-term effects.

What Causes Thin Lips?

Top Lip Plumper Products

Thin lips are inherited, but even plump pouts lose shape and fullness over time. Smoking reduces blood circulation and destroys collagen production, as does excessive sun exposure. Environmental factors are also a prime factor. The skin has several layers, but the skin of the lips is more sensitive, which make them prone to dryness from the wind, sun damage, and dehydration. If you do not actively protect the lips, elastin and collagen breaks down causing thinness over time.

As the skin ages and the face loses its tone and firmness, lips are also sensitive to this process. The skin becomes saggy and fine lines become deeper. The lips can lose color, firmness, and wrinkles may form on the lip line.

How Do Lip Plumpers work?

There is now a convenient solution for thin lips that does not require a needle. Topical lip plumper’s provide an easy, safe, and instant solution for thin lips. Applied to the lip area, they provide a sexier, plump look in minutes. To achieve fuller lips, ingredients in lip plumper’s provide a smooth youthful look through the regeneration of skin cells. Collagen production also increases, which provides a plumping effect. Good quality lip plumpers cause a tingling effect through the increase of blood flow to the lip. This adds color and volume.

How to Choose a Lip Plumping Product?

When choosing a lip-plumping product, the ingredients are key to its effectiveness. Hyaluronic acid is added to many beauty products and supplements including eyelash conditions and joint supplements due to its ability to regenerate the skin’s cells. Peptides also boost collagen production and regenerate cells. Other key ingredients to look out for include pepper extracts, cinnamon, and benzyl nicotinate. Vitamin E and jojoba oil are also useful moisturizers.

Lip enhancer’s are wide and varied, but if you want instant volumizing effects, look for the key ingredients above. Scientific research on lip enhancers has discovered they have the potential to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, provide an immediate plumping effect, and provide long term effects. They are a worthwhile investment to add to your makeup case. Add a lip plumper over your favorite lipstick to add a healthy sheen and soon the lips will start tingling and you will notice an improvement in shape and volume.

The Best Lip Plumpers Products

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Idol Lips

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Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

#3 Peter Thomas Roth
Peter Thomas Roth

#4 Lip Inflation
Lip Inflation

#5 Lip Fusion
Lip Fusion