Use DIM to Brighten Up Your Life

When a woman nears the menopausal stage of her life, her body’s ability to properly metabolize estrogen starts to falter. Due to this, she may experience a lot of negative effects like breast issues (pain or tenderness), water retention, hormonal imbalances that lead to loss of appetite or libido, changes in the skin and hair, et cetera. Funnily enough, men also experience negative effects when they do not metabolize estrogen properly.

Use DIM to Brighten Up Your LifeMen experience an increase in breast tissue size, inability to lose weight, and a low libido. This is where DIM comes in. DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism which is important not just in women but for men as well. DIM is short for Diindolylmethane. Read on to learn more about this compound that could potentially change your life for the better.

DIM to Brighten Up Your Life

DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism in women by promoting metabolites to help retard unwanted growth of tumors that could be harmful for the body. DIM is very helpful for menopausal woman because it can spell the huge difference between looking and feeling great and being depressed and covered in unwanted fat. DIM is known as the agent that helps stabilize the body’s metabolism and get rid of unnecessary fat without having to do a lot of strenuous exercise or extreme dieting.

So if you suspect that your sudden weight gain is an estrogen-related issue, then you really have to try DIM supplements in order to get rid of belly bloat and other related conditions.

DIM in Vegetables

DIM is found in most cruciferous vegetables or vegetables belonging to the cabbage family but a lot of women cannot consume enough of these vegetables on a day to day basis due to their hectic lifestyle. Even if you have a vegetable garden and can eat all the cruciferous vegetables you can, you will still lack the necessary intake of DIM for a healthy estrogen metabolism. Studies show that in order for a person to eat enough food containing DIM, a person must consume more than two pounds of cruciferous on a daily basis.


DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism in women both old and young. Young women who suffer from symptoms of PMS can benefit from using this supplement. But the best thing about supplementing with DIM is that one can be assured of a lower chance of breast cancer in the future. Studies have shown that women who supplement with DIM have lesser breast cancer risk.

The benefits of taking DIM are clearly impressive and can help both men and women of any age. Men who supplement with testosterone boosters or male enhancement supplements can benefit greatly from taking DIM supplements as well.