Want To Become An Egg Donor?

Egg donation is the process in which woman donates her several eggs to reproduce it later in the coming years when she feels the need or someone else is in need of the eggs.

The sole aim of egg donation is pregnancy by the in vitro fertilization or popularly called as IVF.

Need For Egg Donation

Egg donation is the greatest deed a woman does for mankind. The egg donors feel the need to do so out of many reasons.

Some donors feel that by doing so they can give happiness to the couples who cannot biologically have babies by the natural procedure.

Want To Become An Egg Donor?

Some may feel the need to help someone from within the family and others for the monetary benefit involved in it. This is also become a very open nowadays with the ever increasing knowledge and awareness spread by many clinics providing these medical facilities.

Criteria To Become An Egg Donor

The woman has to be 18 or more in age to be a qualified donor. Many programs allow women in the age of 20-30 years. However the maximum age for this donation is considered to be 35. But experts prefer not to choose over this age due to the high risk of the eggs being abnormal.

A lot of parameters of the egg donor are gauged for this kind of donation like blood tests, current medications being taken by the donor, healthy lifestyle habitats, family history etc.

Reasons Of Egg Donation

Researchers found out that on an average of 7 per cent couples are infertile. This figure accounts to almost 10 million of the population.

The feeling of promotion from couples to parents is a dream of each couple. But not all couples can be a part of this feeling. This procedure helps a couple make this dream come true.

Almost all women flush out the eggs present within them by the natural way of menstruation on a monthly basis. If this can be of some help to a needy couple then there is nothing better to do in terms of donation.

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Now a days Egg restoration is increasing day by day as women are more career oriented, so their priority is to focus on their career rather than family planning. This is also one of the reasons that.

Out of this some eggs are used by couples who need it, post the consent of the women storing them and the rest of the eggs are frozen thereby storing them for later use by the original donor.

This can also turn out into negativity for some women. As they may not be able to face the fact that they will never meet their biological child as this kind of programs are highly confidential.

Of all the eggs that a woman donates only 10-20 are matured and usable. The remaining cannot be used for conception due to their immaturity.

Another reason for the need of an egg donor is that many women enter menopause in their early age of teens or rather twenties.

Donation of organs is a very old way of saying “You care for the world” but this can only be possible when you leave this world. However Egg donation is possible when you are alive and without any long term side effects to the donor’s body. And the biggest positivity to it is that a woman can also conceive after she donates her eggs to another woman.

Types Of Egg Donors

There are basically two types of egg donors. One is where the donors are from within the families i.e. sisters, friends, family relatives who are ready to help.

The other is the stranger that you choose in case you don’t want your baby to possess any characteristics of your immediate family members. This also needs a lot of background screening of the donor you choose so that your child is a healthy one as you dreamed him/her to be.