What causes constipation?

There are a number of reason as to why constipation triggers and it is very common in human society. Some of the reasons as to what causes constipation links to food or the kind of daily life a person is pursuing. Even though constipation is not very dangerous but it can certainly lead to obstruction in daily life. For some people, it takes the enjoyment out of life and for those who suffer with it long term it may be the underlying factor for a number of other diseases.

In this info content a few reasons as to what causes constipation are mentioned:

1. The first reason is not taking adequate fiber in diet. Fibers work as a cleansing agent in a persons digestive system and will also help to make sure that the person’s bowel is working appropriately.

2. Another major ground is not drinking enough fluids. A reduction in fluid intake will cause a person’s stools to become harder and thus make bowel movements more difficult. So by increasing fluid intake levels, you will be helping to make your stools softer and this will make them easier to expel from the body.

3. Look at what medication you are taking. There are some medicines which are also found to instigate constipation. Read the instruction of the meds in order to be prepared for the condition.

4. Those people who are on a diet will stop eating hard foods and this results in a decrease in the amount of fiber they have.

5. Pregnant women will often suffer from constipation because of hormonal changes in their bodies.

6. People suffering from a long-term illness are at a higher risk of triggering constipation.

7. If you like tea and coffee and are beginning to suffer from constipation then it may be wise to lessen them. Although tea and coffee are liquids they actually increase the amount of liquid that appears in your urine and so less fluid is left in your colon which helps to produce fecal matter.

8. The final cause of constipation may be because you are suffering from some form of a syndrome such as irritable bowel syndrome and you will need to speak to your doctor on how to treat constipation.