What is the beneficial and friendly bacteria?

In our stomach and bowel, acidophilus resides naturally. It is actually a strain of bacteria and the best part is that is very beneficial for our digestive system. Despite its lineage, it can be helpful in a number of healthful situation, most of them involving digestion and bowel function. When the body fights germs they are usually expelled through the bowels and urinary tract, therefore making it a necessity at that time to have a good conditioned intestinal tract.

According to the colon care experts, a healthy colon should contain at least 80-85 percent lactobacillus and 15 percent coliform bacteria. However now a days, the typical colon bacteria count is the reverse, resulting in bloating, excessive gas, intestinal and systemic toxicity, constipation, and malabsorption of nutrients.

Acidophilus detoxifies dangerous substances:

Regrettably, these bacteria can be slaughtered by age, oral contraceptives, poor diet, corticosteroids, stress, sugar and by consuming antibiotics, causing an imbalance of beneficial and friendly bacteria. Supplementing with acidophilus can result in reversing that condition and maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

These beneficial bacteria helps to digest food, manufacture essential vitamins and help keep bowel function normal. Acidophilus supports and maintains the growth of the Lactobacillus bifidus in the intestinal tract. Studies have illustrated that Lactobacillus can augment immunity, and hints that other strains of probiotic may deter arthritis, delay colon cancer and lower bad cholesterol.

Due to our fatty food diets, now so prevalent, along with the over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions given freely, the intestinal tract in the majority of Americans are lacking in proper friendly bacteria to promote a healthy colon. Therefore we have a huge number of colon cancer, polyps and Irritable Bowel Syndrome’s running around and the majority can be prevented with practicing colon health by making sure your intestinal tract has a balanced friendly bacteria.

Balance by taking a full probiotic supplement at least 2-3 days a week if not having any health problem. But if a health problem exists take daily until you return to normal eating habits.