4 Ways to Treat and Prevent Knee Pain

A musculoskeletal complaint called “knee pain” is one of the most common body illnesses that doctors deal with every day. Especially nowadays that the society is so active: fitness activities, dance workshops, marathons, and many more. The number of knee ill-conditions is increasing year after year. Good thing there are treatments to alleviate these burdens. Here are some types of knee pain and the treatments intended for each type (later, ways to prevent knee pain will be discussed):

Types of Knee Pain and Their Treatments

Treat and Prevent Knee Pain

  • Chondromalacia – It is the damage in the articular cartilage which is located just beneath the kneecap. It can be damaged when the knee joint undergoes wear and tear. However, it can also occur at a young age. Usually, the causes of chondromalacia in young age are overuse, a fall, or muscle weakness.
  • Treatment: Doctors recommend performing low-impact exercises which are designed to strengthen muscles such as cycling, swimming and walking. Some physicians perform a surgery that will smooth the extremity of the articular cartilage. They will also clean out the cartilage fragments which rub the femur surface.

  • Meniscus Tear – Meniscus is a small piece of cartilage shaped like a “c”. It acts as pillow to the knee joint which is located between the thigh bone and the shin bone. The tear occurs during injury that involves forced rotation of the knee while carrying weight. Athletes usually get this when their upper leg is quickly twisted while the foot is strongly planted.
  • Treatment: A visit to a Physical Therapist can help alleviate the pain. He or she will just give you muscle-strengthening program. But if the tear is extensive, an arthroscopic surgery should be performed.

  • Osteoarthritis – It is a degenerative disease which causes the knee cartilage to corrode or wear down. It can be caused by stress on the joint. It causes swelling, pain, and the decrease in the motion of the knee.
  • Treatment: This disease is normally treated by over-the-counter pain medication or any anti-inflammatory. The doctors will also recommend exercises and they will encourage weight loss.

  • Tendonitis – This is the inflammation of the tendons. It can give you deep and irritating pain with every movement.

    Treatment: This can be treated by R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation) or by anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.

There are also ways to prevent knee pain.

4 Ways to Prevent Knee Pain

  • Stay Slim – If you stay slim then you are reducing stress on the knee. This is recommended for athletes or workers whose work requires walking every day.
  • Keep Limber – Stretching and strengthening muscles help to prevent knee pain because many knee problems come from tight and imbalanced musculature.
  • Exercise Wisely – The best exercise to prevent knee pain is swimming. If you don’t have a pool or a place to do your water exercises, you can always get easy on yourself when you play games with many muscular movements such as basketball and tennis.
  • Protect the Knee – There are protective devices available in order to avoid knee problems such as kneepads. Wear them whenever you need to engage in physical activity.