5 Pills-Free Ways to Fall Asleep

If you find it very hard to fall asleep or to get quality sleep you are inadvertently making your body and health weak and become prone to diseases and disorders. The following tips list five ways for you to fall asleep easily and wake up all energized and refreshed.

5 Pills-Free Ways to Fall Asleep


  1. Cut down on stimulants
  2. Properly identify foods and liquids high in stimulants like caffeine. If you can avoid them altogether then good, if you need to take them, limit your intake during the day but most especially avoid them altogether during night time. Some people may take in huge amounts of stimulants and still be able to sleep well at night while some can stay awake all night with just a tiny amount of these so be sure to determine your sensitivity to such food and drinks.

    Beverages and foods rich in stimulants can include tea, coffee and chocolate. You can replace these with decaffeinated coffee and tea and eating your chocolates several hours before your bedtime. Stimulants can also be found in medications. If you are taking medications that contain stimulants, try to consult your doctor to find ways to solve this predicament.

    Do not exercise a few hours before your bedtime. Exercise will pump up your adrenaline and often results to being alert and staying awake several hours after your normal bedtime. Just exercise in the morning or early afternoon so that it will not interfere with your sleep.

  3. A quiet place is needed to help you fall asleep
  4. Everybody knows noises get in the way of sleep. Typical noises like stereo music, TV, traffic noises, barking or even a snoring partner can make it hard for any person to sleep. You need to create a place that is ideal for sleeping. You can soundproof your room, wear earplugs or kick your snoring partner out.

  5. Cut down on fluids hours before you sleep
  6. Keeping hydrated during the daytime is good for your health but drinking at night will result to several trips to the toilet at night which can disrupt your sleep. Refrain from taking in fluids a few hours prior to your sleeping period. Remember to go to the bathroom before you go to sleep.

  7. Turn out the lights
  8. The dark is an imperative if you want to get to sleep and stay asleep. Draw down your curtains or blinds to block out light. If you have a partner who needs to have a light turned on for some reason, you can buy an eye mask to block out the light. Your partner can also use a small reading light in order to avoid getting in the way of your sleep. However, some people can’t sleep in the dark so if you’re among these people this tip is not for you.

  9. Eliminate allergens in your bedroom

The most common allergen found in the bedroom is the dust mite. This critter can cause coughing, sneezing and congestion which makes it very hard to sleep. Try to cover your pillows and mattress with clean covers to help prevent these mites from affecting your sleep. You should also learn how to effectively get rid of these microscopic creatures.