Why Should You Buy Acai-aSlim?

Acai-aSlim – At a Glance

The company that created Acai-aSlim is banking on being able to ride the coattails of the ‘superfoods’ hype. Approximately ten foods are referred to as ‘superfoods’ because they have lots of health benefits, boost the immune system, include many anti-oxidants, and may help slow down the aging process.


Acai berry is one of the superfoods that is mentioned most often, having been discussed on Oprah and in the bestselling book by Dr. Perricone entitled ‘The Perricone Promise.’ As you might guess by its name, this berry is included in Acai-aSlim, which touts itself as a method to promote weight loss and cleansing.

The official website for Acai-aSlim is nice looking and contains useful information about the acai berry and the product itself. There is a reference to ‘The Perricone Promise’, and TV network logos are prominently displayed in an attempt to make one think that the product has been recommended by these entities, which they have not. While the website includes copious amounts of information regarding the acai berry, not much else is included. There are no FAQ’s, no references to clinical trials verifying the effectiveness of the product, and only one small customer ‘success story’ is referenced.