All you need to know about acne

Acne is usually known as a problem reserved for teenagers. Essentially, it is a condition that could affect both male and female adults. However, acne usually starts during the age of puberty. It is therefore important to take a pro-active approach in acne treatment. How you take care of your skin each day as well as how you are following the orders of the doctor in order to keep your skin healthy dictate how good your skin will look and feel.

All you need to know about acne

There are a slew of acne medications available which you can use to treat your skin. This includes medications which could be had over-the-counter such as Panoxyl or topical treatments (Accutane) as well as prescription drugs or hormone therapies.

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How do hormonal acne treatments work?

Hormonal treatments include oral contraceptives. These have been recognized by licensed dermatologists as an excellent treatment for women who are suffering from acne. You can read How Hormonal Acne Treatment Works.

Does Sex and Chocolate cause acne?

Have you heard of the popular belief that one should not consume chocolate because it could lead to acne? Do you believe that fries and pizza could cause acne? Be aware that these are mere myths. Though there are food items which could cause acne, there is no direct link that such edible items could directly cause acne.

Discuss Acne Scars

Everyone aspires to have a smooth, fair and clear complexion. If ever pimples occur, it is common for some to flatten and squeeze these. However, doing so could lead to problems – both in the short term and long term. A few of the skin issues one could have include hyperpigmentation, skin redness, skin scarring (or skin substructure loss). Skin scars and stains are usually interpreted by patients as flat or pale brown marks. Meanwhile, scars appear as skin indentations or unsightly pock marks. It is now known that scars could also come from small or big pimples.

What is the trigger?

Though acne develops during the early teen or pre-teen years, it could also occur during young adulthood and even go on for years. Studies reveal that women dislike and are frustrated by acne more than men do. Fortunately, there is no need to despair as treatments are a-plenty to solve this skin problem.