Anti Aging Skin Care

Skin Care for Anti Aging Skin

As one grows old, the skin loses its elasticity and moisture thus making one appear dull and blister in complexion. At every age you are likely to deal with different types of problems that will dictate the kind of treatment that you should give your skin. Below are some of the treatments that you should follow to fight some of the skin problems that you are likely to deal with at different times of your life.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Early Twenties: At this time the skin is usually at its best. To ensure that your skin keeps glowing as it should be, you need to exercise regularly, drink plenty of water like up to 8 glasses everyday and follow a good routine of skin care as you also eat healthily. This greatly reduces the damage that your skin has to deal with especially due to pollution throughout the twenties and as time goes on.

Skin treatments at your Twenties

  • Cleanse your skin deeply every five weeks especially if you have oily skin. Use masks that nourish the skin such as rosemary leaf oil or evening prime rose.
  • Follow a home care routine regularly to reduce the effects of acne
  • Wash of any makeup before you sleep no matter how tired you are
  • Always wear sunscreen before you leave the house regardless of the weather
  • To prevent skin breakouts use oil free moisturizers

At thirties: This is when you start feeling your skin begin to age especially around the mouth, eyes and neck. At this time your skin starts slowing down in terms of growth as it also loses its natural fibers. The skin begins to dry out faster as it loses more water. The minute you notice wrinkles, lines and discoloration on your skin, you need to start caring for your skin more.

Skin treatments during your thirties:

  • Apply a richer moisturizer before you apply your sunscreen everyday.
  • Use a night cream that is enriched with natural ingredients to protect your skin from damage during the night as well as to reduce the effects of stress.
  • Fight wrinkles around the eyes using treatment gels designed for these purposes. Anti-wrinkle treatments for the eyes are the best to simulate the synthesis of collagen and make the skin hydrated. These products are available in drugstores all over the nation.
  • Consult with your physician for the best advice for skin care at your age. Find out all there is to know about your skin in the future years to prepare adequately. You can also seek the treatments of skin specialists to reduce the aging signs and improve the skin appearance.

At forties: During your forties, the skin starts to dry out even faster than before. Other problems such as age and sun spots start to appear as well as pigmentations during the late forties. This kind of skin requires the most aggressive care. You should invest in a wide range of anti-aging products.

Skin Care treatments during your forties:
  • You should regularly use collagen facials to help the skin to regenerate faster.
  • As you grow older, the muscles especially around the neck and face usually begin sagging with fine lines and wrinkles appearing. You can use some of the face lifting treatments that do not require surgery to help you feel younger under the skin.
  • You can also use paraffin wax to help your skin remain supple and hydrated while also making it softer.
  • You should also regularly treat your face to a facial, at least monthly.
  • Using a night cream is also recommended for your skin to keep renewing and replenishing it throughout the night as you sleep.