Banish Cellulite – Tips to Getting Rid of Cottage Cheese Skin

There is nothing worse than being out shopping for your brand new spring and summer wardrobe and spotting the familiar rippled lumps of ugly cellulite in the dressing room mirror. It doesn’t matter where you develop the dreaded orange peel syndrome, thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks; you just want to banish cellulite. But, how do you banish cellulite? You may have heard different things at different times and are stuck in confusion, doing nothing. The truth is there is no one patented cure for cellulite but there are many tips and tricks that will banish cellulite until it’s completely unnoticeable.

Banish Cellulite - Tips to Getting Rid of Cottage Cheese Skin

You might consider, when wanting to banish cellulite for good, making some important changes to your diet and exercise routine. Limiting red meat and pork, starchy foods, sugar, and bad fats, while increasing your consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean poultry, salmon, and oily white fish can increase your chances of repairing damaged tissue, promote collagen production, and strengthen skin. Fruits, especially, will aid in flushing your body of excess water and toxins to banish cellulite. Doing the right kinds of exercises can also increase your chances of banishing cellulite for good. It’s best to seek the advice of a fitness expert when starting a new exercise routine.

The right supplements added to a great anti-cellulite diet can also help in your bid to banish cellulite, by increasing the body’s efforts to heal and strengthen, shrink fat deposits, and flush out fluid build-up and waste. Some of these important supplements include vitamins C and E, green tea, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, dandelion, selenium and calcium. To ensure you get the right dosages read the instructions carefully and let your physician know whenever you add a new supplement to your diet. Getting too little or too much may not help you achieve the desired result to banish cellulite from your body.

Other ways in which you might try to banish cellulite before it can ruin your spring and summer fun, include Bellabaci Cupping therapy which is said to address the root cause of cellulite instead of temporarily minimizing cellulite cosmetically. This technique creates a flow of freshly oxygenated blood rich in nutrients that promotes elimination of waste and toxins from fat cells. Deep tissue massage breaks up fatty deposits and dry brushing promotes lymph and blood circulation throughout the body, as well as exfoliating the skin and encouraging new cell growth. These techniques used in combination with certain lifestyle changes can help you banish cellulite and feel great while doing it.