Be healthy this 2013

Our body is one of the most sensitive things on earth. It should be well taken care of to prevent diseases and other sickness that attacks our body. But sometimes, we cannot prevent having diseases in our bodies. There are still a big chance of getting diseases like diabetes, heart congenital problems, and other body related problems. Other health problems can be treated easily with right diet. Some need to undergo several surgical procedures to normally go back to their bodies that was once healthy and fit.While some people who have a serious condition, most especially those that is not taken care of right away, has a small possibility to be treated or cured.

Basic information about diabetes

Be healthy this 2012Diabetes is one of the deadliest and most dangerous health problems that anyone can experience. It is caused by the poor insulin production and also it is caused by having a high blood sugar. A person who drinks and eats foods which contains high amount of sugar can be a diabetic. But this condition can also be genetic. Diabetes has three main types, type one, type two and gestational diabetes.

Diabetes symptoms

The following are brief explanation of diabetes symptoms that you should know.

The three main symptoms of type one diabetes are polyphagia, polyuria, and polydipsia. Polyphagia is a symptom where a person experiences frequent hunger, the person wants to eat more than his or her normal eating diet. Polyuria is when a person has repeatedly gone to bathroom to pee, this symptom must be observed to see if it is normal or not. Because it is an abnormal behavior if a person is constantly or frequently peeing. The last symptom is the polydipsia, a person becomes thirstier. A person wants to drink a lot of drinks more than his or her normal drinking diet. Other than these 3 main symptoms, the other symptoms are vision blur, irritability, and abnormal weight loss.

For the type two diabetes, there are a number of symptoms and it includes two of the symptoms from type one diabetes, the polyphagia and vision blur. Other symptoms are itchy skin, drying of the mouth, leg cramps, and often urinating. Type two diabetes is caused by high blood sugar and situation of insulin resistance. It sometimes leads to different kinds of heart problems.

Gestational diabetes affects women who are pregnant. In general, this type of condition may or may not have any symptoms. Although, women who are affected with gestational diabetes experience excessive thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination, recurrent vaginal infection and excessive weight gain,

Basic information about heart disease

However, cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death around the globe. With the estimated thirty percent accounted reports globally. But that does not mean that you just have to fully take it and accept it as your fate.

With the help of researches, scientific studies and forums done by heart and health experts, effective diet and body supplements are things that you should consider because these can prevent and even cure heart damages. But also, the risk of heart disease can be reduced by considering lifestyle changes. Anyone who is affected with this type of disease should consider these ways to fight heart disease and to completely say goodbye to it.

Heart disease prevention

The following are few of the main heart prevention tips that should help you have a better heart and a better life. Eat a heart healthy diet, improve cholesterol levels, exercise, high blood and weight control, stress management and to lessen high risk factors such as cigarette smoking and foods that can trigger heart problems.

In addition, laughter and tea may also prevent heart disease. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. The ability to laugh and see life differently, is a good and effective way of stress reduction. While tea, is an antioxidant rich food, which can be more protective than other supplements.

All in all, you can incorporate the said tips with regular screenings, tests and check ups are still the best and most important way to prevent heart problems. These tests or evaluation of your body can prevent heart diseases and can even prevent total body risks. so that no individual can be affected not only by heart diseases but any other disorder.

As we all know, our body needs extra care and attention to have a diabetic free, heart disease and basically a disease free body. The following are just simple steps to prevent having other diseases and to become physically fit. You can be healthy by taking a regular exercise, maintaining a well balanced diet, regular check up, drinking enough glasses of water per day, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks and other factors that might affect your body resistance.

Diabetes and heart problems are one of the main reasons why many people die yearly. So to prevent early death, we must follow rules on how to avoid these diseases.

If you experience these symptoms or if you are one of the affected people with one of these diseases, it is advised to consult a doctor near you. These will help prevent further damages to your health and may even cure the problem. It is also advised to do your own research by browsing the internet, reading magazines related to your condition or simply join a forum, either a personal forum in your area or online forums. Forums will help you ventilate your feelings about your condition, or share your own experiences about your condition to people who also has the same condition. Do not forget to pray, have faith and be positive that you will be fine. Psyching your disease or having a mind over matter outlook, will greatly affect your condition in a good way.