Can You Fake Plump Lips Just With Makeup?

Plump lips are the desire of most women across the world. In this fast growing world, there is almost nothing that you can’t achieve. And even the desire of those full and voluptuous lips can be fulfilled; all you need is the guidance of taking correct measures and following good steps. This article would help you find various measures that would make you achieve the perfect pout that you want.

Do cosmetic Lip Plumpers Really Work?

Plump Your Lips

Lip plumper- a product, a word that in itself is so attractive that why wouldn’t somebody like one of us want to use it? There are n numbers of lip plumping products available in market which are effective to in some way or the other, but talking about the ingredients; it is actually not feasible to trust them all. The brands first of all should be approved and trustworthy. Apart from this, long listed non-understandable list of names in the ingredients is dangerous too, as these might just be the chemicals which could irritate the subtle skin of the lips. Basically these chemicals instigate a little tingling in the lips ultimately leading to the swelling of lips which make them look fuller and voluptuous. There is nothing to worry about though and still if you are a little cautious about choosing your product, you can actually take the advantage of these lip plumping products to the fullest. Remember that in case of sensitive skin you have to avoid products containing even natural substances like cinnamon, pepper or mint.

Is it Dangerous?

There are several quick measures of lip plumping and if you need a temporary quick fix for your lips too then vacuum pumping method might just work for you. This is first of all free from any harsh chemicals or surgical implants or any sticky or irritable product. A vacuum pump quickly plumps up your lips and gives them a fuller and sensuous shape and volume; exactly what you might just be looking for. Ever since this has been developed (a vacuum pump), the reviews are good and attractive. Whoever is fond of luscious and pouty lips, vacuum pump would be an exact answer. It works in a few seconds and gives you instant results.

And, if you would apply a nude shade or a light shade lip gloss for that perfect sheer, the results are plumper and more voluptuous than any other lip plumper.

Can I Take A Pill To Get Plump Lips?

Many women are fond of hyaluronic acid supplements in the form of pills with a purpose of curing aching and weak joints and bones. The side effect of the same or rather the positive side effect of the same happens to be the plumping of the lips.

This side effect is not at all guaranteed but many of the cases who have been in taking such supplements have reported swelling and volumising of lips apparently making them plump and voluptuous pill form for healthy joints and skin. And for some, a positive side effect is beautiful plumper lips!

The point is not just using supplements to get that special pout on the lips, its also about the correct art of the makeup, smartly done for illusionary pouty and luscious lips. Giving them added reflection towards the centre of both upper and lower lips might just add bigger brilliance in the appearance of the lips. The technique of applying beige eye shadow or bronzer on the edge of the lip exercises also adds illusionary bigness and poutiness on the lips.

Can You Fake Plump Lips Just With Makeup?

Yes, definitely you can! Make up has done wondrous jobs of enhancing ones features to desirous results, then why not lips. There are a lot of tricks that you can actually use while make up on lips to get that extra desirous pout and plump on lips.

First of all, a proper base is very important, like a skin toned primer for smoothening and levelling the texture of the lips. A pearl pencil or a matte stick now would help you to highlight the skin right above the cupid’s bow of the lips. Highlighting that natural dent automatically adds fullness to the lips aesthetically. Further, neatly drawing a desirable lip line with a very subtle and skin tone matching lip liner shade is a very important step. Start filling your lips now from towards the centre with the lightest of lip shades and preferably with a brush. Add sheer towards centre gradually moving outwards. Remember lighter shades add bigness to the lips and dark shades make them look smaller.

Are Lip Injections Worth The Cost?

If you want instant and sure shot results of plump lips, injections might just be an answer to your desire. But remember anything that is towards the artificial sides has its own burdens; like those of cost that would pain your pocket and the needle of the injection that would pain you physically. Collagen is a skin protein present in the skin providing it the shape, firmness and tightness. When this collagen or hyaluronic acid injections are pricked inside your lips you can notice the results right away. There might just be consecutive injections that you have to take from you dermatologist in quick sittings for those instant results. There are definitely some side effects like those of tingling, swelling, itching or irritability.

But we have to remember always, rather than going for artificial injections, if we would star ourselves up with these simple make up tips, it would be easier, cost friendlier and quicker! And of course the results would be amazing.