Causes and Remedies Against Hair Fall

Every person faces the problem of hair fall on daily basis. These lost hair are replaced by the new ones after the regeneration process of our body mechanism. It is a natural phenomenon that as we grow old, the process of hair re-growth eventually decreases. This thing is more obvious in males than females as it has been proven that the baldness in men starts at the age of 20 years. On the other hand, female hair usually starts thinning after the age of 50 years, and substantial hair loss before this age is quite uncommon.

Causes and Remedies against Hair FallGray hair, weak hair, slow hair growth and dandruff are some of the common hair loss problems which people normally face. Although all these issues signal towards aging and our heritable framework, but you can still take some precautions and medications for reducing these problems.

Some important facts related to hair have been discussed below:

  • Usually, it has been observed that hair grows to about an inch in two months.
  • Moreover, more than thousands of hair per individual can be lost each day.
  • Signs of hair loss have been described below:
  • There are usually two major signs of hair loss. When visible patches of baldness are seen, then it is clear that you are losing hair. It can start in the teen or in the old age. The Second symptom includes hair shedding in a bunch. This can be termed as a serious issue and it may result due to certain hormonal changes, frequent intake of medicines or due to thyroid troubles.
  • Baldness in men normally starts from the forehead where the hairline gradually starts fading. This can make a bald mark on the back, top and center of the head. As a result, hair from the top of the head ultimately vanish. Hence, hair on only the sides and back of the head last. If you try to take medicines at this stage, then it will be useless because hair cannot be recovered at this stage.  This problem can be solved if you get a hair transplant.
  • The procedure of hair loss in women is quite different from that of men. Females experience thinning of hair. Fallen hair can be found on hairbrushes, carpets, pillows and in the shower. The number of hair lost each day is uncountable. You will notice hair fall along with thin hair. Women having healthy and curly hair will not notice the difference initially. Women having a light skin tone will notice their hair fall soon other than those having a dark tone.

Personal measures that can be taken for hair fall are:

  1. Massaging the scalp thoroughly with a few drops of vegetable oil so that the oil may reach the hair follicle well can be of great help. Cover your hair with a damp towel soaked with warm water and leave it for the whole night or for 3 hours. Afterwards, wash your hair with a softening shampoo. This will help your hair follicles to breathe which in turn will lessen hair fall.
  2. Eating sesame seeds after sunrise will be very effective. These seeds contain calcium and magnesium which are helpful in preventing hair loss.
  3. Regular intake of yogurt can also be good.
  4. Almond oil mixed with castor can be applied on the scalp once every week.
  5. Equal proportion of black pepper and crushed lime seeds mixed in water can useful for the hair.
  6. If you want to grow hair over the bald area, then you must rub onion over the desired spot. When the area turns red then put some honey and rub the scalp again.
  7. Messaging the scalp with almond oil twice a day can also prevent hair fall.
  8. Honey mixed with two egg yolks can be applied on the scalp. Massage for a while and then leave it for half an hour. Later you can rinse your hair. This will help prevent hair fall.
  9. Mix Aloe Vera gel with coconut milk. Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair. Leave it on the hair for half an hour. Afterwards, rinse the hair with warm water. Apply this mixture thrice a week.

Underneath, we have discussed major causes of hair fall:

Hair loss is mainly experienced due to hormonal and heredity problems. Frequent intake of medicines can also be one the major causes of hair fall. Temperature, poor health, thyroid trouble, hormonal discrepancy, iron deficiency, stress and pregnancy in women can cause momentary hair loss. Roots of hair in this stage usually go into an inactive stage due to which hair become thin.

Hair loss problem and cure have been discussed underneath:

People usually don’t take proper diet. Balanced and nutritious diet can be really helpful in preventing hair fall. Moreover, you are also required to take care of your hair. For instance, doctors suggest using baby shampoos. shampooing once a day will be more than enough.

It is harmful to rub wet hair with a towel harshly. People mostly do so without thinking. Professionals recommend drying hair with natural air instead of using a blow dryer. Mostly, people don’t bother that using a blow dryer can be harmful for their hair. For such people, using the dryer with low heat intensity will not do much harm.

Don’t even think to comb your hair when they are wet. You should style them when they are dried well. When you comb wet hair, then they are likely to fall. Moreover, when you are dyeing your hair or ironing them, then you must treat them with extreme care.