Question: I have pretty significant cellulite on my thighs and gluts. I am a loyal consumer of Mary Kay products and my representative recommended that I try their brand, Cellu-Shape to help get rid of my cellulite. Of course, she swears by it but it is a bit expensive and I was wondering if you could tell me if it works and is worth the money?

Cellu Shape

Answer: Many manufacturers produce creams that are meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mary Kay has created a two-part system that has a daytime component and an evening component. Cellu-Shape’s daytime cream is meant to increase circulation and the nighttime cream claims to firm and tone. The Mary Kay website claims that many women saw improvement during a “12-week clinical study.” However, it is hard to check the validity of these claims without outside sources.

The reality is that creams and gels used to reduce cellulite have unpredictable success. Although Mary Kay’s website claims that Cellu-Shape works on many women, it is hard to say for sure how effective the product will be for you. Also, there is no ingredient list or description of active ingredients on the site. Without an ingredient list, it is hard to say how effective this product might be.

Francis Peterson, our respected beauty expert, did a fantastic review on anti-cellulite creams and their actual effectiveness in a recent feature, the results are quite surprising.