Why Should You Buy Co-Clean?

Co-Clean is a single step colon cleanser and Co-Clean‘s only product. The website does not give the user too much information. There is an FAQ section, and the abc’s of colon cleansing are touched upon. There is advice given on healthy eating, decreasing stress, and the importance of steam rooms and saunas. The company has made claims that the product improves general health, and cleans toxic waste from the body, improving circulation to allow improved absorption of crucial nutrients, and improves the memory.

There is no information about the Co-Clean company, or facilities. The site documents written testimonials from people that have used this product. Information regarding Co-Clean online is scarce, when colon cleansing information in general is abundant. The reviews that are available are all good, so this is a positive sign that Co-Clean has no bad feedback.

Co-Clean – Facts


Co-Clean is a product that uses apple cider vinegar for cleansing. It claims that apple cider vinegar is the wave of the future in diet supplements. This “powerful” ingredient makes Co-Clean surpass the competition. The other primary extract is grapefruit concentrate, which is believe to be critical in the elimination of unwanted micro-organisms in the stomach, like parasites. Each ingredient is listed with an explanation. Like similar cleansers, Co-Clean has cascara sagrada and senna, although no warning about these harsh ingredients is listed, despite the fact that cascara sagrada bark is not to be used for more than seven days at a time. Another unorthodox ingredient in the formula is Chitosan. Derived from shellfish, this ingredient helps to lower cholesterol.

Because of the shellfish derivative, vegetarians/vegans should avoid using Co-Clean. Other ingredients include calcium, and phosperous, but no explanations for their inclusion is given. Other ingredients present in each tablet include silicon dioxide, sodium starch as well as a pharmaceutical glaze. The tablets are easily taken: only two tablets per night for four weeks. In this time, the user should drink plenty of water, and make healthy alterations in lifestyle. Each bottle has a month’s worth of tablets included.

Co-Clean – Positive Features

  • The primary ingredient, apple cider vinegar, has garnered some good press lately, as a cleanser and weight loss aid.
  • The product is easily taken.
  • The expense is similar to the competition. Reviews given by users have been positive.

Co-Clean –Negative Features

  • Information is scarce regarding the product and the Co-Clean company in general.
  • There is no warning about the cascara sagrada bark and senna.
  • The company states that it is typical to feel worse before feeling better while using Co-Clean, which may disappoint some users.
  • The company does not give a money back guarantee, and charges a fee for returns, and cancellations.
  • There seems to be no exchange policy.
  • The product should not be used by vegetarians.
Co-Clean – Conclusion

It could be worth trying Co-Clean since apple cider vinegar is so popular right now. The scarcity of reviews by consumers is not typical, and some consumers may prefer finding out a little more information regarding the makers of this product. The product is relatively inexpensive for those who want to judge for themselves, and the company offers customers discounts for large orders. Five bottles can be purchased for a price of $149.97 or one bottle for $49.99. This product is not recommended for anyone looking for a more natural solution to having their colon cleansed.