Colon Cleansers: Which Product Should You Choose?

After you have determined to try an effective colon cleanser to both clean and detoxify your digestive tract, next you’ll need to find the proper product or combination of products. But this is the tricky part! With all of the products for colon cleaning lining drugstore shelves, it’s quite confusing to try to decide which of them is most effective.

Colon Cleansing Alternatives

The proliferation of colon problems, primarily caused by deposits of compacted feces along with undesirable bacteria and toxins, has propelled the wellness industry to launch many colon cleansers and methods to conquer this issue. According to your health as well as what you prefer, you can opt for aggressive or noninvasive procedures for colon cleansing.

Although the invasive methods include enema, clyster, lavage and colonic water therapy or irrigation, non-aggressive remedies entail supplements taken orally, such as herbal and alternative treatments. Because there is a vast array of colon cleansing products available for you to choose from, it is important for you to do the research before you decide which product to use.

Top Colon Cleansers

Among the abundant colon cleansing products offered for sale, these few appear to earn the recommendation of many professionals:

Dr. Natura’s Colonix System

Colonix is a widely used colon cleanser product. It relies on fiber and additionally includes herbal/organic components like senna and psyllium husk. The people who make this product say that as well as being a powerful colon cleanser, it can also help with weight loss of about 15 pounds during thirty days of use.

P&B Shake

P&B Shake is a blend of powdered psyllium husk and benitonite clay – the initials of the pair of popular colon cleaning ingredients applied to this product formula’s name. Professionals regard this as a harmless alternative for colon cleansing and helping rid the digestive tract of undesirable toxins, bacteria and parasites. Although dosages differ according to the gravity of your problem, typically the shake is consumed following every meal and prior to retiring for the night.

Double Action Cleaning

Combining Colon Clear with Total Body Purifier, this colon cleanser removes toxicity from both the colon and throughout the bodily system. Although Colon Clear – a colon cleanser in its own right – performs the colon cleaning aspect, Total Body Purifier aids in ridding toxins throughout the body.

Oxygenating Colon Cleansers
With a reputation as a very good option, oxygen-based colon cleansing products have been established to work very well in removing the waste particles out of the colon as well as getting rid of the toxins. The significance of oxygen for encouraging beneficial bacteria is another bonus of these products for conquering bowel issues and easing colon function.

Any colon cleansers which are regarded as beneficial and effective by yourself and your physician may be utilized. Still, you need to be certain that the cleansing system is augmented with altered lifestyle and nutrition habits, which have to be part of your ‘things to do’ to care for your colon.