Colon Cleansing Diet –The Ideal Menu for Your Ailing Bowel

If you ‘Eat healthy, drink healthy’, you are sure to find that this is the key to staying healthy and fit. This is even more true when you are using a bowel cleansing program that strongly forbids any kind of unwholesome food or beverages. This kind of regimen usually specifies a specific colon cleansing diet that is ideal for bringing balance to your tired body during this treatment.

Need for Specifying a Colon Cleansing Diet

It is important to be careful about what you eat and do not eat. This awareness will help you keep your colon/bowel healthy. A malfunctioning colon can be brought on by overeating and other bad and unhealthy dietary habits. A colon that malfunctions cannot adequately rid the fecal matter from your body, thereby leaving the toxins, parasites, and bad bacteria found within it inside your body.

To get your bowel back on track, you need to undergo some form of colon cleansing plan from the vast array of colon cleansing programs and products available to consumers. While undergoing the regimen, you are completely forbidden to consume the type of food stuffs which are usually recognized as being detrimental to your health in general, and specifically the colon. However, it is important that you take some particular food or supplement during the course of your colon cleansing treatment.

About Some Good Colon Cleansing Diets

One thing all the products and plans have in common is the colon cleansing diet. This is an integral part of the prescribed regimen. There are quite a few food items that are very health and colon-friendly. Because of this, they are highly recommended during the time period when you are undergoing the bowel cleansing process.

Some elements that help cleanse the colon are:

  • Probiotics. Ingesting a form of a probiotic will make sure that the good bacteria eliminated with the bad bacteria during a colon cleansing program are renewed. This item is very important to the colon cleansing diet. It helps your body counter the effects of bad bacteria and sustains the intestinal flora balance.
  • A Vitamin C Supplement. Vitamin C is an excellent supplement to a colon cleanse, and in only a small dose can effectively combat the lethargy and tiredness often associated with the cleansing process.
  • Uncooked Egg Yolk. All of the body’s vitamin and mineral necessities are found in raw egg yolk. The idea of adding a raw egg to your juice or using it as salad dressing may make you feel sick; however, this is one colon cleansing diet that is not unpalatable.
  • Yeast Flakes. This colon cleansing element is also quite good for providing plenty of Vitamin B and essential minerals while you undergo the colon cleansing process. Yeast flakes, which can be added to your fruit juice or milk, can add as much nutrition as an egg yolk.
  • Fermented Food Items. Quite a bit of good bacteria is killed during the bowel washing regimen. Consuming fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir can replace it. People like the taste of kefir, a creamy beverage made of fermented cow’s milk, to the other alternatives.

The colon cleansing diet doesn’t cause any side effects, and the foods it is comprised of can be found just about anywhere. Healthy food stuffs can be used to complement your colon cleansing regimen and achieve the most successful results.