Colon Cleansing Herbs: The Magic of Cascara Sagrada

As long as people suffer from issues with their colons, some will always seek out colon cleansing herbs as an alternative to other options that may be more costly. If you ever wondered which colon cleansing herb was the best, the name ‘cascara sagrada’ will crop up time and time again.

About Colon Cleansing Herbs

For thousands of years, herbal plant extracts have been utilized to help treat maladies of all kinds. It therefore follows that you will find colon cleansing herbs very effective at fixing colons that are not functioning at their best.

Actually, most colon cleansing products have formulations that include some herbs of one kind or another. There are many herbs that are effective colon cleansers. Some of the best are psyllium seed husks, aloe, senna, ginger, alfalfa, cayenne, but cascara sagrada is perhaps the best of the best.

Cascara Sagrada – The Magic Colon Cleansing Herb

Cascara sagrada is also called cascara, California buckthorn, sacred bark and rhamnus purshiana and has been utilized by Native Americans for cleansing the bowel. The laxative herb ascara sagrada is the proper choice for colon cleansing, whether you choose to use it alone or in a blend with other herbs.

Anthraquinone is responsible for the colon cleansing effectiveness of cascara sagrada. It is a cathartic that is found in senna, aloe, and rhubarb, in addition to cascara sagrada. Peristalsis is assisted by Anthraquinone – the action that contracts the walls of the colon giving you the urge for a bowel movement.

Benefits of Cascara Sagrada

The greatest benefit of this miraculous colon cleansing herb is that it relieves constipation, but it also is helpful in strengthening the muscles in the intestinal tract. It is one of the most effective colon cleansing herbs available due to its laxative and digestive properties, as well as its ability to strengthen the muscles of the colon walls thereby increasing peristalsis.


Cascara sagrada dosages can be taken as a pill, dried bark or as liquid herbal extracts. If you take the recommended 300 mg capsule in the evening, you will feel the effects the net morning. A bitter herbal tea can be made from the dried bark type.

Side Effects of Cascara Sagrada

Severe abdominal cramping may occur due to excessive muscle contractions, fluid loss and electrolyte imbalance. By using this colon cleansing herb, some of the things that could happen are bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and discolouration of the urine. Using cascara sagrada for lengthy periods could lead to dark pigmentation of the colon as well as the occurrence of adenomas and cancer.

Some Precautions for Use
Even though is has some beneficial properties, there are some precautions one needs to take when using cascara sagrada.

  • Never use it for more than one week continuously.
  • Don’t use fresh cascara bark because the chance of bloody diarrhea and vomiting increases. They must be a year old or more to be used.
  • The herb is contraindicated for people who have recently had colon surgery as well as for those with liver or kidney conditions, ulcerative colitis, severe hemorrhoids, abdominal hernia, blood vessel disease, congestive heart failure, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, diverticular conditions, severe anemia, gastrointestinal cancer and appendicitis.
  • Pregnant women and children shouldn’t be given cascara sagrada.

Before you choose cascara sagrada as your preferred colon cleansing herb, you must talk to your doctor, as there are certain side effects associated with this method. Don’t assume that there are not enough good reasons to use cascara sagrada just because there are some adverse indications. Cautions and precautions are provided to help keep people safe and therefore lend credibility to cascara sagrada rather than detracting from it.