Colon Irrigation: Is it Necessary?

For almost a century the colon irrigation process was popular but over the past few years that process is waning. Could this drop-off be attributed to a faulty procedure, or merely a rise in the cheap and easy bowel cleansing products found in the market?

How Would You Describe Colon Irrigation?

Colon irrigation is a type of colonic irrigation.

Colonic is one of the names the colon irrigation process has been given and it is considered an upgrade over the old school enema. It may also be known as:

  • Colonics
  • High colonics
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Hydrotherapy of the Colon

About one hundred years ago at the beginning of the twentieth century colon irrigation became a popular bowel cleansing method. It called for a tube to be inserted in the anus that put forth a warm water solution into the bowel in stages. It is washed over and over to remove all the fecal matter that is lodged on the walls of the colon and then it gets removed through the rectum. It also helps to remove any deadly toxins and harmful bacteria and parasites that may be inside the colon. The resulting colon cleanse puts it back on track and makes it healthy enough to keep you free from unwanted toxins and other matters.

What Are The Benefits of Colon Irrigation?

  • Ridding the body of wastes and toxins, a colon irrigation also rejuvenates the immune system.
  • Healthy mucosa reduces the absorption of toxins.
  • Promotes a healthy micro flora inside the intestines by adding good bacteria which betters the capability of the digestive system.
  • Restores the body’s pH balance.
  • The blood stream will easily receive the assimilated, essential nutrients.
  • As the muscles of the colon become stronger, there are better peristaltic actions.
  • Normal bowel action/movements are resumed.

In spite of the above, colon irrigation appears to perform a complete job of the colon cleansing regimen. The result is that it makes the colon shade its evident sloth and gets it to work efficiently to maintain the complete body in a fit and healthy manner.

Why has it received such criticism?

People’s thoughts are divided on how useful colon irrigation/hydrotherapy is in adding considerably to one’s overall wellness.

Most experts’ opinions are that the use of additional products or programs, specifically the natural colon cleansing plan, can be more efficient in allowing a different solution. While the proponents of colon irrigation think that the procedure can impact the overall health issue considerably, the critics would rather limit its utility to a handful of conditions like constipation or for cleansing the body before a particular investigation. The negatives against colon irrigation could be actualized against the following conditions:

  • Lack of effectiveness of colon irrigation in the context of results obtained toward overall health improvement.
  • Being afraid of conditions that are not sanitary or hygienic or have no infection control procedures in order during the process.
  • The awkwardness of the process for colon irrigation.
  • It’s very expensive.
Will I do it or won’t I?

It could be for those reasons or a combination of reasons that certain health experts do not think the idea of colon irrigation is a worthwhile procedure to address general health problems. Because the pre-packaged products are economical to use and so convenient there has become a growing popularity for them. However, the colon irrigation type of enema cannot be dismissed totally from the body/colon detoxification scene. The effect it has on curing diseases is confirmed by effectively irrigating the bowel.