Colonic Cleansing – The Super Enema

If you are familiar with enemas and comfortable with using them, then colonic cleansing makes sense as a method for you to eliminate from your bowel the fecal matter and toxins that threaten the health of your colon and your entire body.

Purpose of Colonic Cleansing

In comparison to all the various colon cleansing plans available, colonic cleansing is most likely the one that does the most efficient and effective job. Also referred to as colonic, colonics, high colonics, colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, this process is one of the best ways to cleanse the bowel, practically guaranteeing you positive results whenever you use it.

The primary goal of colon cleanses is to facilitate the expulsion of fecal matter that has accumulated within your colon. The force of the warm water helps dislodge the hardened fecal material found on the walls of the colon and evacuate it through the tube in the rectum.

Colonic cleansing can also be used to treat constipation. Though controversial, it is often used to improve overall health as well.

Colonic Cleansing versus Enema

Enemas and colonic cleansing are similar in that they both involve the insertion of water into the rectum to cleanse the bowel, but there are some major differences in the results obtained from each therapy.

Following are some of the differences:

  • An enema cleanses the lower portion of the colon (the descending portion of the colon plus the sigmoid portion), while colonic cleansing bathes the entire colon.
  • Water is administered several times at specific time intervals during a colonic cleansing while it is only infused at one time during an enema procedure.
  • A tube is used during a colonic cleanse to expel the fecal material, but after an enema, you must use a toilet to void the material from your colon.
  • Enemas can be obtained just about everywhere these days and they can be self-administered, but a colonic must be administered by an experienced therapist.

Despite these differences, many regard colonic cleansing as just another type of enema. Colon cleanses can be viewed as a twentieth-century improvement on the age-old method used for cleansing the bowel, the enema.

Other Usages and Benefits

Not only is it used to cleanse the bowel by infusing it with warm water, colonic cleansing can also be part of a treatment regimen for diseases such as arthritis and depression. Colonic cleansing has also been used widely in medical circles to assist with investigation and diagnosis.

There had been an apparent decrease in demand for colonic-based treatments since a large number of laxative products have appeared on the market in recent decades. But colonic cleansing seems to be increasing in popularity due to the questions surrounding the habitual use of laxatives. More and more are recognizing the colon cleanse as the better choice for body detoxification and well-being.