Colonic Irrigation

Christina Dodd 

Colonics, as governed today, diverges significantly in their effects due largely to the expertise of the colonic technician. We believe that in some respects colonic therapy is taking advantage of people by turning them to trust that lengthy and expensive treatments are compulsory. Also water applied under pressure is potentially risky. Those individuals with known or suspected serious bowel problems should approach pressurized colonic treatments with extreme caution. Those practitioners who administer colonic therapy properly are offering a useful service to the people. This service can be greatly enhanced with the addition of sound dietary counseling so as to eventually overcome the need for colonic therapy. Without this info, the colonic recipient is simply digging holes and filling them again- as a result net zero toward building a better health quality. Many experts providing colonics today are getting successful but temporary results. The reason for this is that just getting rid of the toxic waste in the bowel is not the complete solution, although it is the first step along the correct path. Unless proper diet, exercise and perfect living are practiced, good and lasting results will not be accomplished.

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation can heal you or not?

Human body is a complex but superb fixation. Every organ performs together with the others to process the things that are taken into the body. Down at the lower end the whole system can slow down. What can be done to get the matters flowing again?

Colonic, some call it colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation refers to the process of cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system. While the lower intestinal tract is cleansed, the whole system is detoxified. Supporters of colon irrigation assert that it actually heals their bodies. Toxicity is a major cause of disease, illness and feelings of general malaise. How is it that when our fantastic body systems are made to work perfectly, that we wind up not being able to expel toxins through our colon? If we all had enough bulk in our diets and avoided the chemical toxins contained in alcohol, tobacco, polluted air, and processed foods, our colons might stay healthy. While colon therapy does not heal any specific disease, it greatly enhances the body’s capability to perform at optimum level, so the body is more able to heal itself.