Why Should You Buy Dermajuv?

The Basics of Dermajuv

The term “Dermajuv” does not refer to a single product, but rather to three separate products. Dermajuv is complementary to one another and are the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Instant-Effect Lifting Serum and Age Defying Serum.


On the company website, one may find information about each of this Dermajuv. However, navigation is a bit difficult and may be more confusing than helpful. Probably the most rewarding aspect of the site are the testimonials. Many of these include close-up shots which reveal their “before and afters.” If a more scientific approach is appealing, clinical studies are available via PDF file download.

At first glance, the website gives a general scientific demeanor and approach to the development of their products. Unfortunately, as you read the copy, hyperbole such as “magical” feat and “miracle” serum turn the reader off. Most of the claims are well-stated and not over the top with flowery description. In addition, many dermatologists are cited as endorsing the Dermajuv.