Exercise for Colon Health

The function of exercise in colon cancer is the subject of many studies. Cancer most studied for its relationship to cancer is colorectal cancer.

Near about 31 studies have focused on the relationship between colon cancer and exercise. These studies were performed in diverse population groups in various countries including Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Thailand, Switzerland, and of course United States. Of these, 14 reported a noteworthy relationship between exercise and colon cancer. Particularly, increase in activity led towards a decrease in colon cancer risk.

Exercise for Colon Health

What do these studies illustrate? Over 18,000 people aged 30-78 years who were followed prospectively for the occurrence of colon cancer and rectal cancer. They found highly active individuals had half the colon cancer incidence of those that expended less than 1000 kilocalories per week. Most lay people call a calorie is technically a kilocalorie.

The main thing: High activity was associated with a noteworthy decline in the risk of developing colon cancer.

There is another study which looked at colon cancer risks among Chinese men and women living both in the China and in the United States. This study looked at exercise and diet as risk factors for colon cancer. The group that spent the most time sitting had the highest incidence of colon cancer as well that diet high in saturated fat was also a risk factor.

Diet and exercise are essential to prevent colorectal cancer. However rectal cancer does not appear to be associated with a lack of exercise, at least in most studies. For example, of 13 studies that looked at the occupational activity and rectal cancer, 10 reported no connection. The bottom line is that there does not appear to be a connection between exercise and rectal cancer.

It is vital to comprehend that the benefits of exercise and diet in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease are well established, and there definitely appears to be a decrease in risk of colon cancer. It is up to you to control where you can optimize your healthy life by maintaining an exercise program, maintaining a healthy diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables and a minimal amount of red meat and saturated fat in order to maintain a healthy colon.