Eye Makeup Tips

We tend to notice the eyes first when we look at somebody, so the eyes are important when it comes to skillful and effective makeup.

The following eye makeup tips should help if you want to have great looking eyes:

Eye Makeup Tips
  • Eyeliner can add definition to the lash line, as well as adding depth to eyes and it is useful to know how to apply it properly. With steady hands, keep the skin of your eyelid taut and trace a fine line as near to the lash line as you can.
  • Smudge the edge of the line with the other end of the eyeliner pencil to create a smoky and soft look.
  • Apply a thin line to the innermost area of the upper lid to provide the appearance of natural beauty.
  • Trace a thin line to the outer area of the lower lash line and tiny dots to the roots of your lashes to create a more dramatic effect.
  • Liquid eyeliners can be more difficilt to apply, but can give you a glamorous look.
  • Different color eye shadow works best with certain eye colors: taupe and brown for blue eyes; grey, plum, slate and blue if your eyes are brown; and mauve, salmon or pink for green eyes.
  • Create curly lashes by squeezing them with a lash curler up to about three quarters of their length; this helps to open up your eyes.
  • Mascara in dark color looks more natural; try to use colors such as plum or dark blue.
  • Apply the mascara in two coats, moving the brush from the roots to the ends. Wiggle it a little as you move it upwards; this will detach the lashes, making them stand out.

The above are just some of the eye makeup ideas that can help you to have great looking eyes.