Flushing the Colon: Information You Need To Know About It

People have been flushing, cleansing, and detoxing their colons for years to rid themselves of unwanted stool and the toxins, parasites, and bad bacteria that are often found within. Furthermore, a colon flush will restore your body and mind, too, once the toxins are gone.

There are four basic functions of the Colon. The first function is that of storage. The colon holds waste that the body needs to rid itself of. It also soaks up water and mineral salts from food so that the body’s fluid and electrolyte levels can reach equilibrium. Thirdly, it lubricates the fecal matter with water absorbed from your diet, allowing for easier expulsion from your body. And finally, it takes away with the feces the toxins that have accumulated, along with parasites and bad bacteria thru the anus.

To put it another way, the colon is the center of attention when disposing of waste in the body is being viewed. The kidneys, lungs, and even the skin to an extent help expel the toxins residing in your body.

Need for Colon Flush

If the colon does not work properly, faeces collect on the colon walls and gradually become hard, making it more difficult for them to be evacuated from the body. This build-up causes hazardous toxins to remain in the body too and they have an unhealthy effect on the entire body.

If this happens, however, a colon flush can remove these toxins and restore your health. If done correctly, the colon flush will relieve any disease you may have right away — as well as making the bowel function better.

Colon Flush Process

The internet and local retailers carry many different types of colon flush products. Colon flushes can be found in the form of pills, powders, kits, and even a variety of herbal extracts. Many colon flushes are based on natural methods that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Some minor invasive methods (involving administration of injection or insertion of tubes through the anus) are available in the form of an enema, colon hydrotherapy (known also as colonics or colonic irrigation), and clyster etcetera. These may take as few as three days to as long as six months.

There are many options for colon flushes and cleanses that you may have trouble deciding which suits your needs best. By educating yourself and talking to your doctor, you can choose the product that is right for you. Go ahead and look online to find the right content available on a variety of sites.

Regardless of what you select, one natural way to flush your colon on your own is to make a few lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water and juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, stay away from junk food, stop smoking, and minimize one’s intake of alcohol, coffee, black tea, salt and sugar.