How to identify it’s time for cleansing colon?

It’s a down-to-earth fact! As you age or when you frequently consume processed or highly refined foods, your body works less competently and over time, you begin to feel sluggish, perhaps experience fatigue, headaches, joint pain or observe your skin is losing its resiliency!

As you are aware that diet has a great impact on health, but did you know the efficiency of your digestive, intestinal and circulatory systems are just as important to your lasting health and ability to ward off illness?

When it comes to food stuff, what you eat is either a useful nutrient or it’s waste!

From the body’s standpoint, what you consume is either absorbed for nutrients or it’s a waste by-product to be eliminated for example the body can not process the foreign substances and will attempt to eliminate them. However, if the body can not eliminate the waste, it finds storeroom, places that all too often only become obvious over time for months, and in many cases for years.

Your body needs a proper cleanse

Most people who inhabit in cities and are so busy they can’t always eat natural food. This speed of modern life has fuelled a demand for easily available foods which has resulted in an explosion of highly processed and refined foods. Over 80 % of products in your local grocery store are highly refined, manufactured goods.

Regrettably, while fast and convenient, consuming those processed food products tends to introduce conditions in the body that increasingly challenge its ability to cope with the by-products of manufacturing. The result is a growing level of waste material in your body that can not absorbed, digested or easily eliminated.

A huge amount of body waste is generated when you consume highly processed foods and if your body is not eliminating the waste 1-2 times in a day, then where is it going?

If your food regularly comes from a box, bag, can or fast-food restaurant, it’s highly processed and refined with significant levels of sodium, sugars, fats plus a generous mix of synthetic chemical compounds to add color, flavor and of course preservatives.

While they fill you up in a hurry and even taste good; in your body, those ‘food’ products deliver few nutrients and cause much more waste that over time, results in your organs becoming contaminated, weakened and sluggish metabolism.

About 20-24 hours after every meal, it is standard to have a bowel movement and if you do not, your body is slowly aiding the growth of detrimental toxins.

The collective effect is your body slowly loses its effectiveness and the waste fed toxins get deposited in your skin, sub-skin and organs. It all happens so slowly that at first you don’t realize, but eventually the symptoms aggravates.