How To Keep Your Nails & Hands Beautiful

During colder months individuals nails tend to start breaking and cracking. The skin on our hands starts to feel rough, becomes chapped, and even begins to feel tight. The colder, winter months tend to not only cause dry cuticles but dry skin and brittle nails that don’t want to grow anymore. Hand and nail care is very important to have healthy nails.

How To Keep Your Nails & Hands BeautifulYou may not think that there is anything that you can do to reverse this during the colder month to keep your hands and your fingernails as healthy as they were during the warmer months then you are wrong. Fortunately for you here are some tips that will allow an individual to rehydrate their nails and their hands all year long.

An individual will want to start from the inside and work their way out. An individual should know that the best way to keep ones skin moisturized and their nails all nice and strong is by having a balanced and a healthy diet. An individual should know that taking care of their health is important and those individuals know that when having a balanced diet this will lead to a healthier life. There are some foods that are great for our nails and for our skin. Some of these foods include eggs, nuts, tuna, grapes, onions, grains, cucumbers, brown rice, and apples. One food that should be avoided because it will take away the moisture from out body is alcoholic beverages. Some more foods that you should avoid include saturated fats, and sugars.

For those individuals who do not think that are in taking the nutrients that they need every day then taking a multivitamin a day would be a good health investment. During the winter an individual will want to take more Vitamin B and they also might want to take a vitamin B tablet. Vitamin B will help to keep those individuals nails strong.

An individual will also want to moisturize their skin daily when they leave the shower with a good quality lotion. An individual should moisturize after every shower but also use that moisturizer on their hands a few times a day to keep up the moisture on their skin. When an individual is using the moisturizer for their hand they will also want to rub it into their cuticles and their nails as well.

An individual should always keep their hands covered when they are doing housework that involves any types of chemicals. The preferable way to cover your hands is with rubber gloves. On many occasions these cleaning devices are very bad for your skin and will soak up any moisture from your skin.

An individual will also want to wear gloves when they go outside and it is cold outside. This will not only keep those individuals hands warm but it will also help the skin from not waisting any moisture. This will also help the nails from becoming brittle due to the fact that someone is coming from warm and going out to cold.

Drying your hands correctly when they come in contact or moisture an individual will want to make sure that they are dried completely with a softer towel. It is very important for an individual to dry off any dampness that can come in contact with their nails or even on their hands in general. Hand care is just as important as nail care.