How to Prevent OCD Insomnia

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is clearly related to insomnia. Most people who have OCD find it hard to have long sleeping hours at night. It is sort of a given fact that when you have OCD you are more likely to have insomnia.

OCD and Its Relation to Insomnia

How to Prevent OCD InsomniaOCD is a disorder distinguished by disturbing and anxious thoughts (meaning, it attacks the mind unwantedly) and behaviors. It can produce uneasiness, fear, worry, or apprehension. OCD is also characterized by repetitive behaviors which are a combination of crazy obsessions and excessive impulses. Symptoms of this disorder can be the disproportionate cleaning, disassociated violent or religious thoughts, repeated checking, aversion to numbers, nervous rituals, or doing things in a certain number of times.

These things will not ease the patient’s mind and body; it will disturb him or her any time of the day. That’s why when these thoughts attack him or her at night he or she will find it hard to fall asleep. This will eventually lead to insomnia. The question now for OCD patient is: How will you prevent insomnia?

How to Keep an OCD Patient from Becoming an Insomniac

There are many ways to prevent insomnia when you are an OCD patient. However, unlike the common thoughts, ways to do it are far easier than any other treatments you can even do these things at home even without asking the help of your health care provider.

Have Some Proper Rests

It’s always a good advice to have a good night’s sleep. But how will you do it if you have crazy thought lurking and disturbing your mind? In order to that that, you must reach the state of focus (this is being done with series of meditation). When you have that, you can do some meditation exercises before you go to sleep.

Just remember to put away the thought that you are incapable of sleeping that will just add up to your current stressful thoughts. You must give in to the relaxing activity and stay focus on the meditation.

Do Some Recommended Exercises

Doing exercises is the most advised way to reduce the risks of having stress and anxiety disorders it is also the preferred activity in order to prevent insomnia. What hinders some patients from doing this effort is the laborious nature exercises usually have. They think that exercises will just tire them. If this is the case, what you must do is to think of an exercise which is fun. In this way, you will be encouraged to do the activity. You can also choose an exercise partner it could be your friend, brother, sister or parents. With this, exercising will be delightful for you. If you are not an exercise person then you can try doing sports.

Have a Healthy Massage

Massage is a good therapeutic method. It encourages relaxation as the masseur loosens up your tensed and constricted muscle. This activity will eventually take away all the tensions creeping inside body.