How to Test If You Have Insomnia

How will you know that what you have is insomnia and not just one of those sleepless nights? Are you one of those people who are searching the internet for insomnia treatment, even though you’re not sure you have it?

How can you treat something which you don’t have

How to Test If You Have InsomniaYes, sleepless nights are indeed alarming it’s not normal, to begin with. Everyone deserves to have a good night’s sleep. Besides, there are numerous healthy benefits of sleeping. Thus, if you really want to stop the sleeping disorder you have, you must first confirm if that’s insomnia. In this way, you’ll have the right diagnosis and treatment.

Home Tests for Insomnia

There are factors to check if you have insomnia :

  • If you lie in bed awake for numerous hours before finally falling asleep.
  • If you have problem in going back to sleep after you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • If you wake up and you are feeling tired, lacking in energy, sensing a fuzzy head, and you are unable to finish anything in a day because you feel slow and sleepy.
  • If you happen to sleep yet when you wake up you feel that you haven’t slept at all.

The last factor is also a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious sleeping disorder which is more acute than insomnia it can actually threaten your life. The best thing you should do when you notice these factors is to immediately consult your health care provider.

Just remember that before looking for insomnia treatment, check these factors first. Make a list of them so that when go to your doctor you can clearly tell the symptoms. Thus, in the doctor’s end, he can tell you the right thing to do.

Moreoever, if the aforementioned tests can be done at home, there are also examinations that are performed by professionals. The following discussion is about the medical tests which have the ability to show whether you are insomniac or not.

Medical Tests for Insomnia

If you are not sure about the tests you made for yourself, then you can pursue further testing. Sometimes, you can also have doubts over the doctor’s diagnosis. Here are the trusted and reliable tests in order to know if you really have insomnia:


Polysomnography is a formal study on sleep which is being performed in a sleep laboratory. It utilizes monitors that are attached to the patient’s body in order to record his or her movement, breathing, brain activity, and other his or her physiological functions. This examination is usually being done when the patient’s condition is not responding on insomnia treatment.


Actigraphy is a procedure that records the activity and the movement of the patient through a monitor or motion detector. This examination has been conducted for several days and nights at the patient’s home. This is to gather the actual information about the details of his or her sleeping how much or what time he or she actually sleeps.

If you are positive in all these tests, then it’s time to look for insomnia treatment.