Question: My sister and I want to find a good all-round anti-aging cream that will address both her age spots and my wrinkles. We agreed to test different products and I decided on Hydroxatone, especially as they offer free trials. However, I would really like to know exactly what is in the formula before I order from this company. Do they list all the ingredients?


Answer: Unfortunately, like many manufacturers of skin cream, the makers of Hydroxatone do not disclose the full ingredient list on their otherwise informative website. This can be a real concern to consumers, especially those who are looking for specifically natural or herbal formulas, or who have sensitive, easily irritated skin.

Hydroxatone is actually a range of aging skin treatments that promise to help diminish wrinkles and fine lines, age spots and hyper-pigmentation, and skin tone. On the official website only the Hydroxatone Rejuvenating am/pm treatment is offered for a free 60 day trial, the average time that it should take to produce visible results. All that is known regarding the contents of the various products is that they contain a blend of certain patented ingredients, such as Matrixyl and Argireline plus the Hydroxatone 10 complex, the contents of which are a mystery.

Overall, the information for the Hydroxatone range is confusing and the products are also at the higher end of the price range, with the Rejuvenating treatment costing $69.95 for a one month supply. Also, the consumer should be aware that by ordering the free trial, they will be enrolled in the auto-billing/shipping program and continue to receive the product every month.

If you do shop for an anti-wrinkle product in a health store, pharmacy or on the Internet, you’ll often find hundreds of different brands containing a confusing array of ingredients. You may be tempted to experiment with different products until you find one that works. But this approach may be expensive. More importantly, not all products contain the quality and quantity of necessary ingredients to positively promote long-term improvements on the appearance of wrinkles and an overall healthy complexion. That’s why you’ll need to do a little bit of research to find the best, most potent brand for your needs.

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