Why Should You Buy Internal Flush ‘Flush the Fat’?

Internal Flush ‘Flush the Fat’ – At a Glance

One thing that is sure to drive some customers away is the fact that Internal Flush proudly calls itself as an ˜As seen on TV”™ product. In spite of this, the website gives some good information regarding the product and generally living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The Internal Flush official website has all the standard infomercial traits you are used to seeing with this type of product. For example, you will see a message from formula creator, Gina Broccolo.

You will also see some video testimonials. She claims she lost 75 lbs on the plan and she displays the result photos. You will also see a video clip from Dr. R. Platt endorsing the effectiveness of the product. Internal Flush is advertised as a weight loss tool that sheds excess fat and rids the body of cellulite. It says it accelerates fat loss and relieves a number of other symptoms. These symptoms include sluggishness, brain fog, and stomach pains. There is a detailed FAQ section along with a sample meal plan and suggested exercises listed on the company’s website. You will find good advice in the Health Corner section about achieving general well-being. This includes methods of developing a good mental attitude, relieving stress and enjoying life. No information can be found regarding the manufacturers of Internal Flush, Integrity Health Products. Additionally, no product label or return policy is displayed.

Internal Flus-Flush the Fat – Facts

Internal Flush 'Flush the Fat'

Internal Flush is simple to do. The product comes with a complimentary exercise and meal plan. Even though the information about the ingredients says that Internal Flush is very different from other products, there is actually nothing in it that is dramatically different from similar products. Included in the ingredients are fiber sources such as psyllium husk, flaxseed, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root. You will also find ginger and fennel, plus the “good bacteria,” acidophilus. The information explains that there are twenty billion colonies of acidophilus contained in the product; however, it doesn’t really tell you why this is a good thing.

You should take this product every evening approximately two hours after your last meal of the day. The number can range from three to six daily. This depends on your individual reaction. They advise people to use the product three times a year for about 30-90 days.

Internal Flush-Flush the Fat – Positive Features

  • The website has good information and advice on having a healthier lifestyle and well being.
  • The product does not require a complicated schedule or steps.
  • They stress an overall healthier lifestyle by including an exercise and meal plan.
  • The company does not caution people about the use of cascara sagrada and rhubarb root.

Internal Flush-Flush the Fat – Negative Features

  • The marketing is very cheesy with an As Seen on TV graphic.
  • There may be rather excessive claims regarding cellulite elimination and weight loss.
  • Since it works as a diuretic, the weight loss is probably due to water loss.
Internal Flush-Flush the Fat – Conclusion

Internal Flush ‘Flush the Fat’ can be purchased off the website and it’s reasonably priced at $29.99. The ingredients are listed, but the product label is not shown on the site. It is possible to find it on other retailers’ sites, though. There is a lack of information about this product to be found on the Internet. At this time, neither good or bad reviews could be found. Internal Flush may be worth a try if you aren’t expecting the spectacular weight loss that is shown on the website, but you do need a bit of help organizing a meal and exercise plan.