Is a Dermatologist Necessary?

Is a Dermatologist Necessary?

At some point of time everyone has to face some kind of skin problem. While a few have skin issues that appear at regular intervals, others suffer chronic problems that seems to never go away whatever the techniques or products used to get rid of the problem.

Is a Dermatologist Necessary?

However, there is no need to visit a dermatologist with every type of skin problem. Basic skin care assistance is provided by most general healthcare professionals. For example, if it is basic issues like rashes and pimples then the family doctor may be able to provide effective treatment without any need to go for a specialized treatment. Any skin problem that appears for the first time should be first checked up by a primary care doctor. If the problem persists and cannot be resolved by the general physician then it may be the time to seek specialized help.

There are some common skin problems that may need assistance of a dermatologist. These include:

  • Skin diseases (such as cutaneous lupis, pemphigus and porphyria)
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Skin Cancers (its treatment may also require taking help of a surgeon)

What are the ways to find a good dermatologist? Starting with a family doctor or the physician who has been handling earlier general cases is the best way to start with. If the person with the skin problem first visited a general physician who was unable to treat it then there is a good chance that they would refer the patient to a dermatologist who is known and trusted by them. The patient can also request a reference for the dermatologist.

A more proactive approach for the patient would be to search a dermatologist in the nearby area. With the help of internet, it is now quite easy to find a local dermatologist from the comfort of the home. It requires just typing the word dermatologist and the location where the service is needed. The search results will show a list of many dermatologists working in the area. After finding and deciding about a particular dermatologist it is a good idea to search online and see if reviews by patients for that practitioner are available, and if so then what these reviews have to say about the doctor. This will give an idea of whether it is going to be worth seeing the dermatologist or not.

Some people do not trust the online search results. In that case one can check with the state or province’s medical board. They would be happy to recommend a dermatologist nearest to the person. The board is also aware about any complaints that may have been lodged against a particular dermatologist.

There are also other ways to find a dermatologist. If a family member or any friend has visited any dermatologist then one can check with them their overall experience with the practitioner while undergoing treatment. The best dermatologists are going to be a reputed name in the local community.

At the same time, there are some skin problems where there is no need to visit a dermatologist. Many of the skin problems can be resolved by visiting primary care doctors and completing the recommended treatment course. It is important to remember that no skin problem is going to be cured overnight. The patient must give at least 2-3 weeks before deciding whether to visit a dermatologist or not.